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Advice...converting statement to EHC plan

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Loobylou3 Mon 01-Feb-16 20:17:06

Any experience of converting statement to EHCPlan? Would you expect the objectives from statement to be cut and paste into the new EHC plan?

Thanks for any feedback.

Lindseyepps28 Tue 02-Feb-16 08:22:28

I have just been though this, my suggestion is to ask for updated reports ep, SLT, OT ect. Most if my outcome was from theses with some added my outside agency's and from school advice. But the reports need to be detailed. Query anything that is not clear or you do not agree with.
During the ehc plan meeting they will go though the recommendation and fine line them into the outcomes. The only problem I had was some vague wording and wanted some of the staffing/group more detailed. Then if you are happy with the report cross reference to them to the draft ehcp anything left query where they got the outcome from (only if you disagree). I also managed to include an outcome for unstructured time as all professional and School highlighted this as an issue but plan did not cover this which in turn increased his hour.
Most of all get help, read and re read, make sure any issues you are currently experiencing are resolved with this plan.
Good luck, pm if I can be if any help

Veritat Tue 02-Feb-16 16:06:34

No, I wouldn't expect objectives to be cut and pasted in. In EHCPs there have to be outcomes in section E which involves a lot more than objectives. Basically they have to be over a range of timescales, be SMART, and set out what everyone expects to achieve by the provision in parts F, G and H. There's quite a lot of information about them in the code of practice starting at around paragraph 9.64. There is also a really useful table at paragraph 9.69 which tells you what to expect in each part of the EHCP.

I agree with Lindsey, ask for reassessment - by law they have to do it unless you, the LA and the original experts concerned agree that the evidence currently available is suitable.

I'd strongly recommend going to one of SOS SEN's workshops on EHCPs, they're really helpful.

pannetone Tue 02-Feb-16 17:22:10

I agree that you should ask for updated reports. IPSEA guidance says reports written before Sep 14 when the new system came in generally won't be suitable as they won't have specified 'outcomes'.

Veritat - when you say that the outcomes have to be over a range of timescales what sort of range?! The outcomes in DD's draft EHCP which currently aren't very SMART at all and are all specified to be things that DD should achieve by the end of Key Stage 2 - she is in Y6. Should the outcomes also look ahead to her transitioning into secondary school in Sep?

DD's draft EHCP objectives are taken from her annual review last July - it is taking ages for the EHCP to be finalised. If it is finalised by 15th Feb, as it is meant to be, will DD be due her next annual review in July only 5 months after the EHCP is completed?

Veritat Tue 02-Feb-16 18:12:34

The code of practice just refers to the need for "A range of outcomes over varying timescales, covering education, health and care as appropriate". I take that to mean short, medium and long timescales; I guess it depends on the child's age but I would have said that it is totally absurd to limit a Year 6 child's outcomes to the end of KS2: realistically it should include timescales to help with the transition to and settling in to secondary school, and possibly it should at the very least have something about helping her ultimately to achieve the qualifications she needs. The CoP also puts a lot of emphasis on outcomes focussing on helping older children to prepare for adulthood.

Pannetone, did your LA do a reassessment for the purposes of the transfer? They were supposed to. And have they given you formal notice that they were going to begin the transfer? It should not have taken more than 18 weeks from the date they began the process.

pannetone Tue 02-Feb-16 21:21:15

Thanks Veritat (BTW it's bugging me - are you a name changer? You don't have to say what from!)

No, Veritat my LA most definitely did not do a reassessment towards the transfer - you have kindly been advising me on my other threads about the pathetic non-specific, un-SMART draft EHCP Dd has ended up with. Which is why I am glad posters are flagging it up for posters like Looby. I didn't know about re assessments when DD's transfer process started in July, and the letter from the LA telling me the process was starting didn't mention anything about considering whether new reports would be needed.

No timescale for the process was mentioned either so I'd be aware of that Looby - it is meant to be completed in 18 weeks. DD's has taken so long because last Oct the caseworker told me the school had to get a SALT report to update needs. Another lesson I now know - the LA isn't allowed to delegate getting reports to the school.

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