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Secondary school transition for child with ASD - how long?

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PhilPhilConnors Fri 22-Jan-16 11:00:48

In October I spoke to the SENCO at the secondary ds is going to go to, she suggested that transition started as soon as possible so he feels comfortable there and is familiar with some of the teachers.
I have a meeting at his primary school next week and contacted the secondary SENCO to see if any contact had been made by primary SENCO about transition, she emailed back that no, no-one had been in contact, and we needed to get on and make a plan.
The HT at the primary took me to one side to say she was confused why I had said that there needed to be contact so soon, and that the SENCO had spoken to secondary SENCO and the plan was to leave it until after SATS (in May) and arrange 3 visits before school breaks up.

I'm very confused, as this is not what the secondary SENCO told me, I'm also very aware that summer term in secondary is a difficult, busy time for staff due to exams, and I'm also aware that other children with ASD have already started their transition, because ds1 (already at the school) told me.

What normally happens? How long ideally do children with ASD need?
Sorry for ranting, just sick of hearing mixed messages and being fobbed off because ds is fine. He's not fucking fine or we wouldn't be going through all of this shit angry.

PolterGoose Fri 22-Jan-16 11:12:40

I took it into my own hands and didn't involve primary though our little town has fairly good transition arrangements across all the nurseries, pre-schools, primaries and secondary.


Autumn Y6 - attended open evening and had a good chat with some teachers, got a feel for school and what ds might need. Met with secondary senco, sent detailed information about ds's needs.

Spring Y6 - requested up to date SALT assessment to support secondary learning and ensure needs documented.

Summer term Y6 - senco met ds at primary, ds attended one SEN transition afternoon and the 2 standard transition days they do. I took him for one extra visit and then he declared he didn't need any more, though 2 events were put on for children with SENs over the summer. I met with senco again and had lots of email communication.

If you think ds needs extra visits, just arrange them direct with secondary. I would go and see secondary senco without ds first.

PhilPhilConnors Fri 22-Jan-16 11:27:08

Thank you. I've spoken to the secondary SENCO and she's going to contact the HT.
Anger was getting in the way of sense blush

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