Special schools Waltham Forest ?

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TUTS1 Mon 18-Jan-16 17:27:20

Hiya I wonder if anyone can help . My son is year 2 , GDD + Severe speech language delay . He has a Statement and a one to one every day all day . The school say he isn't accessing the national curriculum in any form or way . He is at the moment a very happy child but im worried as feel even now things are changing a little bit at a time with the children in class noone has been horrid or anything like that but can just see some of the kids have less time for him than they used to . The gap is getting wider im so scared of him becoming miserable and also tired of the fight with the school .
I wondered if anyone knew what the Special school around Waltham Forest are like ? We are going to have a look at Joseph Clarke next week and wondered if anyone could tell me a bit about them ? Also am I doing the right thing ? I haven't made a complete decision yet . But my son is way behind his peers and its going to get worse every year sad xx

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Stradbroke Wed 20-Jan-16 13:12:18

I live in Waltham Forest and have looked at Whitefields and I really liked it.

My DD is older than you son and is in mainstream at the moment. She is accessing the curriculum although at her own pace.

Have a look at Whitefields. It felt like a really happy place, and had a really positive vibe.

Sorry, just seen that he has GDD and not ASD. Joseph Clarke is linked to Whitefields I think?

In terms of if you are doing the right thing. Personally I think that if he is not currently accessing the curriculum it is doubtful that he will start to once he goes to school. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Whitefields.

If a child cannot access the curriculum then a special school is best and will honestly provide so much support to both you and your child.

TUTS1 Wed 20-Jan-16 16:42:51

Thanks Stradbroke he is in year 2 and he is not able to access the curriculum . I will go and have a look at the cshool and see what I think xx

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Stradbroke Wed 20-Jan-16 18:35:46

I am so sorry. I read that as he was 2! I have sent you a message.

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