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Advice Please

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pandyandy2 Sat 09-Jan-16 10:26:29

Hi there. Just looking for some advice (and reassurance I suppose if I'm honest) that I am doing the right thing.

Basically my son has just turned 3 and although absolutely gorgeous, my husband and I have found him incredibly hard (god feel awful for saying that) since he could essentially crawl at 7 months (to the point that by 18 months, even though we have 2 girls who obviously went through the same stages, I started to feel that something may not be right?)
To give some examples, at that stage my son would climb anything and everything, constantly pull things out of cupboards, no concept of the word 'no' and no attempt at words. (But obviously all also just boisterous 'boy' behaviours.)

Then at 2.5 with very few words and what he did say (and still does) sounding 'strange' and very hard to understand, my son had a speech assessment which apparently showed that as well as delayed speech, (presenting as possibly disordered,) my son's understanding of language was also presenting as delayed. And it was also at a similar time that I got in touch with the HV to ask for help with my son's behaviours as he was constantly climbing on work surfaces, running out of the front door, expensive camera in the toilet etc. Again just no concept of 'no'.

Note: I was telling the SALT about his behaviours and telling the HV about his speech, however both just suggested that lack of speech could be impacting his behaviour.

Anyhow fast forward to now and like I say my son is 3 but although his expressive and receptive language are now certainly progressing, (as through the help of a Speech and Language schools Outreach Provision we now use 2 words phrases, some Makaton and the 'first this' THEN that' approach,) lots of my son's behaviours still concern me... so my husband and I have just had a paediatrician appointment to explore whether my son has ASD.

Some of what we mentioned to the paediatrician...


My son is definitely calmer than he was now that I have some strategies but still needs constant stimulation (ie me playing with him/cartoons on etc) or he looks for mischief.

Quite rigid with what he plays with and watches on tv (has to be animated.)

Doesn't always look when you call his name or respond to a question (probably a 50/50 chance) but will look at you or grab your face if HE wants something. (His hearing was checked and fine.)

Very particular (ie the things he has to have by his bed on evening. Sheets on the bed have 2 be neat, no mattress showing.)


High pain threshold.


Sometimes covers his ears and says 'li lou' which is 'too loud.'

BUT, we were also very honest with the paediatrician and told her...

Our son is vey affectionate/loving and can do this spontaneously.

He ALWAYS has a smile on his face and does seek help if somebody else is upset or hurt.

He likes being around others and seems unfazed by busy environments (I think it's the stimulation.)

He is unfazed by a change of routine.

Oh ladies, thoughts please! Have we done the right thing going to the doctor (who said time will tell if these traits diminish or prevail and to see her again in 6 months,) or do you think like some friends/family that I'm making something of nothing.


PolterGoose Sat 09-Jan-16 10:37:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Coffeemachine Sat 09-Jan-16 10:41:23

you did the rigbt thing. I hope you get answers soon.
Often friends and relatives like to be reassuring rather than alarming. This is very common.

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