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Bookeatingboy Thu 07-Jan-16 12:56:37

DS YR3 ASD dx at 4 ADHD dx at 6

At primary school (not perfect but better than most I read about). IME support very much depends on his CT of any given year.

DS is on meds to help with his ADHD symptoms although a low so it helps him to slow down only a little.

First day back at school, DS's NT Twin brother (he's in another class but the classes had joined for topic work) told me that CT had made ds stand against the wall in the classroom for not responding to a request to stop talking.

Just interested in other's views on this...

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tacal Sat 09-Jan-16 18:19:58

I would feel sad if this happened to my ds and would speak to the school about it. I would want them to find a better way of dealing with it.

Coffeemachine Sat 09-Jan-16 19:38:35

so he is in effect being punished for the difficulties he has. I would not be happy at all (is your our DC a reliable source?).

what support does your DS get? If they feel they need to punish him for what he did the he obviously does not have the right support and he CT very obviously does not have a good understanding of ASD and ADHD. standing against a wall will not cure his ADHD/ASD so what purpose does it have?

zzzzz Sat 09-Jan-16 20:29:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bookeatingboy Sun 10-Jan-16 19:52:12

Apologies for late reply, I checked back the following day but saw no replies. His dtb can be trusted and ds confirmed what happened.

It's not the discipline that I object to, it's the fact that she knows he really struggles with anxiety so did this knowing it would have made him clearly anxious. It smacks of "let me really punish him for annoying me" type of thing. There are other ways to get your message across.

He said "he felt worried that everyone was looking and laughing at him", and "the Mrs CT hates me and is always shouting at me".

I've already started my application for an EHCP, since I'm already fed up of dealing with "let me do my job and stop interfering" attitude from CT Very doubtful of an easy ride since he's meeting all of his academic targets because I do loads of work at home with him.

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tacal Mon 11-Jan-16 19:10:38

What is a EHCP? My ds used to be at a school where all teachers had the "let me do my job and stop interfering attitude" It was awful. You need to do what you think is best for your ds.

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