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Holding it in and toilet training

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Hedgyhoggy Wed 06-Jan-16 20:03:47

My 6 yr old ds with moderate ld is not toilet trained but for the last year has never had a poo at school or when we are out. He's now starting to hold on to his wee as well. So, my issue is that this shows control over his toileting however he has virtually no interest in toilet training, will stand next to the toilet, has wee'd in it a couple of times over last 6 months but nothing more and I think it was just luck. If his nappy is off he just wee's anywhere and hasn't copied his 2 yr old sisters potty training or those kids in his class. His ms school have a toileting program with regular visits and they make it fun and rewarding. Is there something I'm missing here, can he do it, is it behavioural, or does he not get it? is this common in other kids with LD?

Hedgyhoggy Thu 07-Jan-16 21:18:59


PandasRock Sat 09-Jan-16 21:59:39

My dd1 did the same. She held on forever, and even restricted her drinking so as not to need to have a wee!

It was a loooong road, but we did get her there eventually (although she still won't do a poo at school!)

There is a book called something like 'toilet training for children with autism and aspergers' which is worth a read.

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