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Picking schools for non verbal asd toddler

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2boysnamedR Wed 06-Jan-16 08:34:01

I have to put his name down for a local mainstream by the 15th. No ehcp yet ( system is slow here). He's getting one as he's in a Sen nursery ( no child has ever left there without one but you never know, it's not set in stone).

It's very quite on the board so I'm not sure if anyone remembers that i have appealed a won his older a statement. He's in a school where he is happy but the school hate me due to the appeal. Don't stick to his statement, I never go in for IEP meetings. Head asked me to withdraw my son. I told him he was a idiot.

Anyway I am rural in a well off area. All schools are good and over subscribed. Chances are even if I pick four he's going to only get in the older boys school via sibling route.

There are two schools 4-11 and two infants. The infants are great but feed into a juniors that has been outstanding, currently in special measures. But imo no good for Sen. They have a higher number of Sen and I think struggle with all but the highest needs being ignored due to funding and being over streached.

Other through schools are small one class per year.

I am better trying my luck in a new school than the siblings school right? Thinking at least the current school know me. If he does go to ms ( which will be a disaster in any school). I could just tell the current school it's there problem to move him back into a Sen setting as they its up to experts not me, I hold no weight.

He's non verbal. He needs a school that does makaton.

Just never want to repeat appealing ever again

hazeyjane Wed 06-Jan-16 13:54:47

Sorry, I can't really advise on which school would be suitable - but re the Makaton - ds had it written into his EHCP that the school had to use Makaton, and that staff would be sent on up to date training. The school he is at didn't use signing at all, but now use makaton all the time. We also had it specified that any form of AAC (which covers makaton, as well as electronic devices) should be used regularly in class. Ds's SALT wrote a report which specified the above, and we sent the draft EHCP back until it was included.

2boysnamedR Wed 06-Jan-16 14:16:58

Thanks, his salt has written that he must have access to pecs and makaton and with those two points he should be placed in a Sen setting but you never know. My LA are not one of the good ones ( in the top three worst actually).

I will bear this in mind when / if he gets his draft ehcp.

hazeyjane Wed 06-Jan-16 14:22:21

I can pm you the exact wording of ds's specifications wrt to speech and language if you would like - the keyworker had at the time said that it was very good. The original EHCP wording was very woolly (I would be worried that 'having access to' could be interpreted as sticking a few Makaton signs and PECS symbols up) but we asked for it to be specified about the training and regular use of Makaton/AAC

2boysnamedR Wed 06-Jan-16 14:32:58

Yes please, thank you

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