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first holiday

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ilovesprouts Mon 04-Jan-16 19:14:38

Me and my fella are going on holiday sometime this yeardeffo need to get away after 3 years of recovering from my nasty accident in 2013.we are taking my son he's 9 and has special needs any good places to take him as its mine and his first time flying.

zzzzz Mon 04-Jan-16 21:48:38


Preferences? Temp? Food? Activities?

Limitations? Mobility? Sensory?

MrsBobDylan Mon 04-Jan-16 23:19:39

we've avoided flying as the thought of ds6 in meltdown on a plane is too horrific to contemplate.

Instead we go by eurotunnel to France because ds can stay in the car for the entire journey and save his massive meltdown for when we get to the hired home instead, which is easier to deal with.

My ds is happy with a pool, although it takes a couple of days of walking round the edge to get him in!

Hope you have a lovely break - sounds like you deserve it!

AgnesDiPesto Tue 05-Jan-16 14:00:37

I would say book your own villa if you can. Having a secure house and garden makes a big difference to us being able to relax. we tend to rent somewhere in a cheaper area and for eg drive to beach so we can have a bigger place to ourselves. One year we stayed in a lodge in a campsite and it was awful as he kept trying to get out and just walked round and round the pool for ages and I was forced to follow him and walk past everyone else relaxing in sun loungers. We've used sites like owners direct without problem - you have to be aware of scam properties but if you choose one with lots of reviews and speak to owner to check genuine usually ok. Getting a house with a trampoline was a real bonus one year. If you go for a pool make sure it's heated. Wifi is a must for DS too. Having separate sleeping areas makes it more relaxing rather than us both having to be awake whenever DS is awake (he sleeps less than usual). Hotels are stressful as my older kids don't go to sleep til late and DS is up early so we all end up overtired and grumpy.

We had a lovely holiday in Italy last year - pizza and pasta made eating easy.

DS hates crowds and so sightseeing is out for us. We try and find somewhere quieter with good weather, a small supermarket etc and just go for walks and bike rides / to beach. DS limit is about 10 days then he needs to get back home to his routine.

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