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Dd to be assessed by EP - what to expect?

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imip Mon 04-Jan-16 07:53:43

ASD dd7, recently dx, is to be assessed by the EP as part of applying for her ECHP.

Like many here, I've had a hell of a job getting her assessed. It's taken two years and I've had to endure some very 'helpful' advice from school advising me on parenting, she's fine, no problems etc etc. Dds diagnostic report was all I could have hoped for in identifying how not fine she is at school. Small signs of anxiety constantly presents (actually, they are never 'small signs' are they? - but behaviours that are not disruptive to others).

So, an apology from the school about how they were in the wrong. I got to be very stern to senco and his team (big London school) and they took it all very graciously, we are now working on building a 'positive' relationship going forward. Senco meets with EP this Wednesday to get dd started on the ECHP process.

Now I am flummoxed as I don't know what to expect. I've read a bit here about evaluations not being as through as they should be. I could google what is legally expected, but I'm more interested in the reality. Dd is clever, but indifferent to academic achievement. She's HFA/PDA. Uninterested in reading. Has the ability but not the desire.

Any pointers?

Anomia10 Mon 04-Jan-16 09:41:29

I find our own LA EP reports quite good on the assessment, description of needs, outcomes and strategies for teachers, but where they fall down is on specifying provisions (and recommending in writing the type of placement)! In DD's case, they have never recommended mainstream verbally, although they do tell many parents mainstream as their default answer! Children can get TA support, but I can never recall a LA EP recommending specialist teaching for example.

imip Mon 04-Jan-16 17:48:37

That's great anomia thanks... Up till now, I've felt way cleverer than all the teachers (and some of the psychs tbh) because I picked up her ASD long ago (also many thanks to lurking here). But now that it's been recognised, I'm unsure of the next steps, and I am very very clueless on what sort of provision she could get at school, so that is a very helpful point.

I feel like I need to be even sharper now as this is where we are translating our concerns into concrete support for her.

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