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Dilemma - ask for DLA reconsideration?

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annie987 Sat 02-Jan-16 21:02:42

I submitted my son's dla renewal just before Christmas.
Received the decision letter to say that he had been awarded Mrc and Lrm. Previously we were getting hrc and Lrm. The decision letter states that he had been awarded Mrc due to need help throughout the day. There is no mention of the substantial amount of care he also needs at night.
My gut instinct was to ring on Monday and ask for a reconsideration. However, I am hesitant.
His award is until he is 16 which is amazing. (He's 8). If I ask for a reconsideration there is always the chance the award will be lowered or reduced to 2 years. The thought of not having to do a dla form for another 8 years is thrilling!
Also his new school (mainstream following a move from special) is a bit crap and they do not know him well enough to know all of his needs so any report from them if requested could have a negative impact.
Arghhh what do I do?

chocadd1ct Sat 02-Jan-16 21:08:24

if you are up with him at night every night for prolonged periods of time I would ask for a reconsideration and appeal if need be.

It is significantly more in pound.not getting high rate care will also affect your tax credits. if he really has night care needs I would challenge it to get the right award.

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