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moving abroad with a child with LD and Asd

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chocadd1ct Fri 25-Dec-15 20:24:33

anybody done it? DD is 8 with Asd, mod-severe LD and very, very delayed/disordered language but verbal. Contemplating move to be nearer family as I am falling apart without support. But I do worry about the language aspect (non-english speaking country) and DD would have to start from zero again. I do speak the language fluently though. medical/social care would be simarish to the UK but not sure if I have the energy to start all battles from scratch again.
Any experiences?

JsOtherHalf Sat 26-Dec-15 11:35:07

I suspect it depends on the country you are moving to?

chocadd1ct Sat 26-Dec-15 15:01:34

Northern Europe. Suppose I worry mainly about language.She is 8 and verbal but very delayed and it took years of intense Salt/ABA to get her where she is now. Kind of wonder if 8 is too old to start again from scratch languagwise with the challenge she has.
Social/health care would be on par with the UK if not better.

Notgivingin789 Sun 27-Dec-15 20:21:06

The only issue for me will be the language, that's the only thing that would concern me. You've worked so hard to get your DD's speech the way it is now, also learning the UK's social skills. But now she has to move to a new country, learn a new different language and learn a set of new social some countries social skills are different from the UK.

But I really don't know..on the other hand I will be tempted to go to a country whose social/health care is better than the UK.

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