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Best resource for explaining ASD

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DS is newly diagnosed ASD (Aspergers with sensory/anxiety stuff) and family are asking questions, some are surprised/sceptical (he masks very well but might be clearer if they saw him more than twice a year) and I'm struggling to explain things without either a) getting in a muddle or b) worrying about them seeing him in a bad light as a lot of it is negative.

I've got a few books for my own use - dummies guide, survival guide, understanding your child's sensory signals, out of sync child etc but none of them really explain ASD to someone who has no idea or give any explanation of typical behaviours/reasons for them etc. They seem to think he has control over things like meltdowns/not wanting hugs or that he'll grow out of it

Equally any online info I've come across doesn't seem to be quite right (I had a good print out that included a triangle triad of impairments but I can't find it)

Has anyone any recommendations? I don't mind buying something that can be passed around but it needs to be quite short or they'll lose interest/not bother to read it. What I'd really love are some detailed print outs/leaflets that I could give family members to keep and look back on

Also kind of on the subject any recommendations for books to explain ASD to children? I've got the autism book but I found it too basic and it didn't seem to cover everything. DS is 4.10, can read basic books but prefers those with pictures. He's not a fan of cats but I did wonder if all cats have Aspergers might be any good. I think he needs drip-feeding or he tells me his brain can't fit in any more words and goodness do I understand that! fgrin

zzzzz Thu 24-Dec-15 20:02:03

These two videos

And this

As a trio can make people think in a more compassionate way.

PolterGoose Thu 24-Dec-15 20:48:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PolterGoose Thu 24-Dec-15 20:49:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thanks both. polter that'd be great thank you

zzzzz thank you. DS has seen the Rosie video and enjoyed it. I may share it with family although they don't use the Internet much. I couldn't get the second video to play - I've a feeling I've seen it before and the noise was too much for me...but then I likely have sensory issues too!

The other link was moving. Shocking to me that people think it's ok to force another human being into doing something/not doing something that makes them feel alive/normal just because they think it makes them look the way they 'should'. DS doesn't flap but he has other stims (or as I am now calling them thanks to Angie Voss 'sensory anchors' - yes sometimes they're annoying but I don't wish him to feel shame or forced to stop just because someone else might find them odd. It sickens me that this is going on in this day and age. We should be embracing neuro diversity!

zzzzz Thu 24-Dec-15 21:37:10

The other video is from the Autism Project, if you can get them to try it it is best seen with volume turned up in a dark room. I think the three together make people think. Not straight away but it sees a seed.

Any resources you do find, do share. Good stuff is really hard to find.

Just thought I'd pop back and share some resources as I am putting together a pack for family to read through to try and understand DS's difficulties better.

I have put together the following:
What is Autism? leaflet - I ordered hard copies from NAS, I have also included their recommended titles to read and websites for info
5 things to know about ASD printout
Sensory handouts on eye contact and family/caregiver info
Overlapping conditions diagram just in case DS ends up with a dual diagnosis at some point
I will probably add a couple more things about anxiety and things they can do to help

If anyone else has good resources please do pass them on

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