Dyspraxia... How do I Help???

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hello573 Sun 20-Dec-15 00:45:07

Sorry for the long post.... long journey!!!

I have a dear son in Primary 2, should be Primary 3 but had an extra year at Nursery due to being Special...

We realised around 2.5/3 yrs old that he was special, and then the forces were descended! lol... Every 'ist going was involved with him!

At the end of that stage, I practically begged the pedi to 'label' my son as I knew then that he would it need that label to get the help he needed during school. My attitude was, if he can't read and write, he can't get a job anyway so what difference does it make?

He got help in his extra year at nursery, got to pre-school stage and then was refused extra help as he was at the same stage as his pre-school (despite taking an extra year to get there....).

Primary one started fine, small class helped... I did ask at various stages about his additional needs but was dismissed - to me, as his behaviour was so much better than other primary one children, he was passed over....

Primary 2 arrived and within a few weeks, what I expected happened! Skitter, panic attack from the school, he has retained very little from all of Primary one!

Educational Psychologist now involved and recently assessed but no results yet... OT back in again, scoring 1st on ABC assessment (again).

Officially, at the moment, my ds has hypermobility syndrome but I know he is Dsypraxic too...

He is 7.5 yrs old and cannot read, the phonics system does not seem to work as he knows individual sounds but simply doesn't get that they merge together to make words....

While he understands practical maths, he can't see it on paper and multiplication is beyond him...

He (most worryingly) is a danger to himself as he simply doesn't 'get' cause and consequence! For example, he looks left and right (because he has been told too) and then runs out in front of a car! As he is getting older, this is becoming more of an issue as he is physically capable of doing things that can hurt him but most children know not to do by this stage!!!

At this stage, I would absolutely Love some help and advice from parents that have been there, done that.....

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