LAs investigation into DS schools non compliance to statement

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2boysnamedR Tue 15-Dec-15 20:07:51

They offered to come out my house a good 20 mile drive from the office. Spent well over a hour in my house ( all off their own back) then didn't actually address the only current thing ignored by the school ( as stated in the tribunal desision).

I think these people would make good priministers .....

"So Ds isn't gettin his piss poor allocated ta hours"
...."good news 2boys I can indeed confirm that Tesco all bran is in fact all bran with nothing else added. I hope this settles your mind on your choice of breakfast sons education"


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Dipankrispaneven Tue 15-Dec-15 21:51:38

So did they agree to do anything about the TA hours? If they won't, I suggest you write to them telling them if it's not sorted out you will have to take judicial review proceedings.

2boysnamedR Tue 15-Dec-15 23:20:41

When they came to my house they did. But after their "investigation" it wasn't one of the covered points. I replied saying what was the outcome of the TA hours but no reply so far or acknowledgment.

I wouldn't JR as it scared the life out of me last time I did a JR. Plus his statement is non funded so it states " access to 13 hours of TA" there's no 1:1 - she just to be in the room. She is in the room less than 12 hours. However it's not worth going all out with a JR for such weak provision.

My indi EP said in his report ( after I asked him to state needed TA 1:1) 20-25 hours then backtracked in the hearing so he got nothing more at appeal.

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