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Concerta Meds

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sumum Tue 15-Dec-15 18:33:58

My foster ds (age 9) has dx of adhd and attachment disorder and has been on meds of 10mg methylphenedate in morning followed by 40mg of equasym xl then a top up dose of 5mg of mthylphenedate.
It helps in the middle of the day but mornings are hard as it takes up to an hour to kick in and also wears of quickly in the evening, it doesn't last nearly as long as it is supposed to.

So we saw the peadiatrition yesterday and i explained how it wasn't as effective as it was supposed to be so she has changed his meds to Concerta.

However she ha put him on a much lower dose, 18mg, just one a day.

I am really worried now that we are going to have the christmas from hell with hime bouncing off the ceilings. He has gone from 55mg a day to just 18mg.

Has anyone any experience with Concerta, is it any good, will this lower dose do the same as the higher dose of the methylphenedate ?

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