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Can I ask this question of school....

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Bookeatingboy Mon 14-Dec-15 10:47:17

DS1 7 in YR3 (ASD & ADHD) dx at 3.

In MS school and apart from me having to keep them on their toes, they have supported him well up till now. SENCO is always full of praise for how well he is supported at home, which is true.

We decided to medicate (very low dose) towards the latter end of YR2 because frankly he was in turmoil and it would be fair to say this has enabled him to concentrate for longer periods and has helped regulate his behaviour (less outburst etc). He language and social interactions are still concerns as are other issues.

To my issue... His YR3 CT and I are locking horns, she clearly believes that I should "trust her to get on with her job"! And me on the other hand am not prepared to abdicate my responsibility for his education to her, or anyone for that matter which is why I have always been very involved. This hasn't been an issue until now. We had a fraught meeting a few weeks ago when she got very defensive (and quite angry) when I asked if they had done what they were supposed to do as agreed in the IEP meeting. I also don't beleive he is getting any support for S&C issues probably because since medicating him he is, (for want of a better phrase) less of an issue for them behavioural wise) .I wasn't happy so I asked the SENCO for another meeting to agree some common ground.

The meeting is this week and I am planning on asking how his extra funding, above their notional SEN budget allocation (doesn't have a statement or EHCP) is being spent. I know this and the fact that I'm going to elude to lack of support is going to make for a difficult meeting. Would therefore be grateful for any advise on how you would handle this...

AliceInUnderpants Mon 14-Dec-15 11:05:23

SO they are not doing what has been outlined in the IEP? That is going to be interesting when it comes to the six-weekly review!

Bookeatingboy Mon 14-Dec-15 11:28:39

This was my question that has yet to be answered!

The IEP specified things that needed to be carried out to enable transition to another group... DS became increasingly anxious as the week progressed after this transition so I questioned whether these things had been done through his communication book. This is when the CT became defensive and angry... whilst still not answering my questions.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 14-Dec-15 13:13:10

IEPs are not unofficially known as "individual empty promise" for nothing.

Do not get bogged down in funding issues.

Why does he not have an EHCP; have you never been encouraged by anyone to apply for such a document?. Also you need to think longer term i.e. secondary school.

Apply yourself for an EHCP from the LEA and as soon as you are able, it seems that his school are not going to do anything to help him. is a good website.

Bookeatingboy Mon 14-Dec-15 14:34:31

Firstly he has always been well supported in school and because we are in county (Notts) that operated slightly differently with regards to statements, preferring to allocate additional funds to school for named children.

Secondly I really didn't believe we would get one without a huge battle and I thought my time was better spend supporting him. Thirdly I guess I was just scared to get on that treadmill knowing what a fight I'd have since I don't have funds to employ the services of anyone to support me.

He isn't behind academically, frankly mainly due to my input at home.

I just feel that since he's been on medication (a decision I'm still not entirely happy with, due to long term use unknowns) and not having severe behavioural issues and being more compliant he's being left.

Ineedapiginblanket Mon 14-Dec-15 20:24:01

Notts still have to follow the law OP! So even if they have their own system they should still apply the legal test for whether a child should be assessed for an EHCP.

Unless a child has an EHCP or a statement provision can and is removed or not put into place as and when schools feel like it!

Sorry to sound negative but its the truth! Secondary is likely to be hard for your Ds, without decent support, starting the battle now will help in the long run!

Good luck flowers

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