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Y6 sats how to withdraw disaply

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ChairRider4 Sun 06-Dec-15 12:44:19

My son is y6 has full time 1-1 and place agreed for y7 at a SS for physical disability as everyone knows he won't cope ms

But is struggling with y6 expectations as it is all now practice things for y6 tests so is exhausted which makes his choking worse and not eating much anyway which as only weighs 20 kg is not good
His attendance is around 30%

Have meeting with Senco on Tuesday to discuss options but rather go into meeting with knowing options
Trouble being that he is working around and above the level 3 though this only with his 1-1

Nigel1 Sun 06-Dec-15 16:16:01

There is a balance here between his medical/ health/ mental health needs and the legitimate educational expectations.
Given his attainment levels he is clearly a cognitively average child that the school should expect to be entered for the SATs.
However if the metal pressures are such that he is not eating and has a low weight then there are clearly grounds for medical concern.
Have a discussion with the Paediatrician and see if you can get him to agree an exemption.
If the testing/stress can be "proved" to be the link in the loss of apatite then you can argue that he should not be entered for SATs.

Hope that is of help.

SisterViktorine Sun 06-Dec-15 17:49:14

AFAIK there is no longer such a thing as disapplication. If theydon't/ can't do the actual tests then just Teacher Assessment is entered. Of course, it's all a bit different this year because of the new format.

Even if you agree that only Teacher Assessment will be entered now, the atmosphere in his class is still going to be all about SATs/ practise/ pressure (if he is at that type of school).

Could you agree for him to transition to the SS during the summer term so he can avoid some/ much of this? Maybe he could attend SS in the mornings and MS in the afternoons so he keeps contact with his class to the end, but in the less pressured part of the day?

ChairRider4 Sun 06-Dec-15 18:30:22

Thank you

Sadly no can't transition earlier as they have no space and was judged to cognitively able for current y6( year 7 and above they run two classes one being more cognitively able

His school is good but yes have noticed it is all about practice tests and more tests and even his homework is not so much learning it's just question after questions

I may talk to them if I was to opt for HE from Easter if they allow him come back as guest for y6 leaving party the other children are lovely and protective and caring with him but not a proper friendship as such it is noticeable this year

AgnesDiPesto Sun 06-Dec-15 20:31:41

what about him joining the year 5 class - at least part of the time? esp if no specific friendship
SATS / year 6 is boring and pressured for all the kids - SATS has really spoiled year 6 for all the children IMO
You may find that the children are grouped in ability if there is more than one year 6 class anyway e.g. in my children's school some children did level 6 maths and SPAG and had separate lessons at certain times of week so its not unusual for children to be mixed up and taught across classes etc in year 6 anyway so it wouldn't be that much of an issue for him say to do the year 6 play / residential / leavers stuff / PE etc and year 5 academics
If anything he would be better in year 5 focussing on actually learning the next right step for him than wasting his time learning how to pass tests.

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