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exclusion officer

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diamondmoon Sat 28-Nov-15 08:08:53

How do I find out who my sons exclusion officer would be if he expelled. I can't find online? With all my ds behaviour problems and no assessments done yet if he expelled how likely would he be put into another mainstream school?

ruthsmaoui77 Sat 28-Nov-15 12:16:08

When your son has been suspended in the past have your school not given you a letter with the details of people you can contact for support on it? I know I got that this week but son was given a fixed term exclusion (not sure if it is the same thing). Anyway if is he is permanently excluded you will be given formal paperwork outlining this and it will name someone you can contact for support. Best wishes x

Ooogetyooo Sat 28-Nov-15 17:13:37

yOur local authority should be able to tell you who the exclusion officer is, for your school. When our dis was excluded he spent a short time at the pupil referral unit and then got a place in another local mainstream primary that was capable of teaching him and looking after him.In all the process took a couple of months but it might be different for you. cOuld you start looking for another school now rather than wait for him to be excluded?

diamondmoon Sat 28-Nov-15 17:54:10

Thanks so how do I know if a school got place? I am thinking that may be better idea but does another school have to take him with the bad behaviour he been displaying

ruthsmaoui77 Sat 28-Nov-15 18:18:48

I think you just apply to the school directly. The new school will not know anything about his previous behaviour until they get his records after they have already accepted him. However it would be best to be honest with the new school to ensure that they would be willing and able to meet his needs if they do continue. If the behaviour persists after he starts the new school your relationship with the new school will be damaged if you haven't discussed them beforehand. When I moved my 5 year old son to a new school I met with the head teacher first and told them all about his behaviour difficulties. I was surprised they were so brilliant. They put support in place and he settled in quite quickly. He has continued to have difficulties but we are now in process of getting an ehcp. The decision is entirely yours though. Other people strongly advised me not to say anything to the school and I could have done that but I was sure my sons problems wouldn't just go away with a change in school but they did massively improve. Your son is different though. This behaviours is very recent a fresh start maybe all he needs. Good luck x

diamondmoon Sat 28-Nov-15 18:25:17

Thanks for support I will see what happens on Monday. I agree though best to be honest to new schools. His dad my ex wants him to live with him but I can't have my son feel rejected as well and I couldn't not see him everyday.

OneInEight Sun 29-Nov-15 08:03:21

As others have said the number for the exclusion officer should be on the exclusion letters. These should also explain the reasons why your child has been excluded and for how long. If you do not get this in writing it is an illegal exclusion.

One possibility if you are thinking of a fresh start is to ask the exclusion officer to facilitate a "managed move". This means your ds will be placed in a new school for a trial period moving to a permanent placement if there are minimal issues. It can be a way to getting a bit more support but was not successful for ds1 as the HT of the new school from the onset did not want to take on a child with a record of such challenging behaviour (can't say I entirely blame her). If a school has a place I don't think they can refuse a child with challenging behaviour but that does not mean they will not attempt to get rid of them at the earliest opportunity.

Do you have a local ASD support group because these can be an excellent source of information on how effective schools in yours (or your ex's) area handle children with an ASD. If you are going to move school you want to make sure it has the best possible chance of success so visits and lots of questions about how they would deal with the sort of behaviour your ds shows and what sort of experience they have had.

Ooogetyooo Sun 29-Nov-15 19:59:56

I also spoke to exclusion officer as to her thoughts which schools in the area would suit our son, fortunately she suggested the one that had a place and one that we were happy with. Because she knew how some of the schools worked on the "inside" she ruled out several others for us. You can speak to your admissions office at the local authority and they will tell you who has currently got places spare.

ruthsmaoui77 Mon 30-Nov-15 12:34:29

Was thinking of you today. How did they meeting at school go? Best wishes x

diamondmoon Mon 30-Nov-15 13:53:22

Thanks very much he allowed to stay but one to one not in class room. They got loads going on with Xmas so they think that's best. I happy with that so I can now look forward to Xmas.

ruthsmaoui77 Mon 30-Nov-15 14:01:53

I really hope he settles down and you can start planning for Xmas. Xx

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