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Dd3 in year 2 (dyspraxia and ADHD) needs a Statement her teacher says - where to start?

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bodenbiscuit Mon 23-Nov-15 20:19:59

I have been through all this with my older dd but she is a different case and has severe autism.

Dd3 has dyspraxia and suspected ADHD. Her teacher reported to me today that she is very worried that dd isn't making any progress, particularly on the point of being able to work at all independently. She told me that as soon as an adult moves away from dd, she cannot focus and forgets all about what she's supposed to be doing.

I am going to speak to the SENCO and the school says they will back me if I apply for a statutory assessment. She is already on intervention in all subjects. She has a very well written IEP and they have modified things like giving her a fiddle toy at carpet time and the correct pencil to help her writing. She also has a cushion to sit on when on a chair. However, the teacher says she needs 1:1 all the time and that she is unlikely to make any progress without it.

ADHD is something I know less about than autism and I am not sure what to focus on and what to provider when I apply for SA. If anyone has any advice I would be very appreciative.

Ineedmorepatience Mon 23-Nov-15 20:37:39

I would ask them to apply! If they are saying she needs it it would be better coming from them!

There is nothing wrong with doing a parental request but depending on your location many are refused, in my LA it was 87% of parental requests that were refused last year!

If the school do and do it properly there should be no reason for the LA to refuse to assess.

We were asked by a senco to put in a parental request 2 yrs ago, she later denied that she had said it and then after the LA leaned on her she said Dd3 didnt need a statement!

2 yrs and 3 tribunals later we have only just reached the end of our battle due to incompetence and lies!

Hope you have an easier ride than we did!

Good luck flowers

bodenbiscuit Mon 23-Nov-15 20:45:23

The problem is that if they say no to the school, the school have no right of appeal. I did a parental request for my older daughter which was agreed on the basis of the evidence I provided. But of course she is a different case. If I have to go to tribunal I will.

Sorry to hear of your unscrupulous Ed Psych!

StarfrightMcFangsie Mon 23-Nov-15 21:11:21

Huh? I'm all for parents applying but that is usually because school is refusing to acknowledge an issu.

If the school is blatantly saying she needs one then wtf haven't they applied. To have not done so is surely immoral.

If you want to do it yourself tell them you want in writing all the reasons they think she needs one.

StarfrightMcFangsie Mon 23-Nov-15 21:12:33

If the school are refused they have no right of appeal, but your right remains the same regardless f whether you applied or they did.

bodenbiscuit Mon 23-Nov-15 21:21:33

Thank you starlight - I did not realise this. I will discuss it with the SENCO.

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