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Wheelchair skills question

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JellyCurls Wed 18-Nov-15 12:52:54

DD (8) has an Incacare Action 3 Junior chair from Westmarc wheelchair services. At last appointment they told me she now needs an adult chair as too tall for kids chairs now. I asked about getting her a lightweight chair that she can self propel to give her greater independence but we were told she can't get a lightweight chair till she can pass a skills test including wheelies and caster flicks as well as steering. She also told us to look up skills on you tube to learn them.

We have just spent an hour practising but we cannot lean back far enough to tip up. So my question is (if anyone is still reading) can you do a wheelie in a standard paediatric chair? Hers is designed for stability so I don't think it's even possible. I tried and I can't get it to tip up without using my feet to send it backwards

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