Spoke too soon, PIP form arrived

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allwornout0 Fri 13-Nov-15 13:49:42

Having been messed around by the DLA/PIP people and being told my 16 year old autistic dd DLA had been extended for another year, I received a letter a week ago saying she had been turned down for PIP as she was under 16.
I kept telling them that as it was 2 weeks before she was 16 but they wouldn't listen and insisted that she had to apply which I did, 2 weeks later they said the DLA had been extended.
The letter they sent last week was dated 5 days after she had turned 16.

Anyway I had to apply again and have today received the forms and I feel sick.
It says to send copies of reports but what sort of thing do they want the school, Dr to write about? Is it just her diagnosis or do they need to go into a lot of detail about all the things she can't do?

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blankblink Fri 13-Nov-15 16:10:58

This explains how it works, it's very different criteria to qualify than DLA.


What sort of reports do you already have?
Send anything with a diagnosis, anything with a referral to a consultant for diagnosis that's pending.

Basically check that they have everything you sent to accompany your DLA application and send anything else that's been done since then like support, therapy sessions, other diagnoses etc.

Anomia10 Fri 13-Nov-15 17:32:15

Yes, ITA, make sure you are on top of the criteria - without lying obviously!

Remember the key point is if they can do the task reliably and repeatedly - just because they do it once in a blue moon, if they felt like it, does not count. Make this clear, if its the case.

If necessary, keep a diary of what support dc needs - I read somebody said how they won a tribunal, because they provided their diary of the difficulties they had, which showed they could not do things reliably and repeatedly (as in a fluctuating condition such as mental illness, MS, whatever)

allwornout0 Fri 13-Nov-15 18:46:09

Thank you both, I never sent any supporting evidence in with her DLA forms and she has been receiving High rate care and low mobility.
With this form I feel I need to send in as much as possible, I have been trying to contact her special school all day with no luck about it.
She should be under a school physio and OT due to hypermobility in her fingers and pain in her knee (has special insoles made), unfortunately they don't bother to really bother seeing the children with autism so we don't even get a report from them in an annual review meeting.

Do you think it's worth pushing for them to write a letter?

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frazzledbutcalm Fri 13-Nov-15 20:55:26

I did dd's PIP recently. She has no formal dx of anything yet. To my complete shock she was awarded enhanced rate living, nothing for mobility (which I'm appealing). They wrote to GP but GP never replied and we were awarded anyway. Definitely take a look at the criteria first and word your form accordingly.

They said dd could find her way around fine (because she gets the bus to college) so awarded no mobility element. However, dd cannot communicate with strangers so cannot ask for help, doesn't know left from right, can't process/remember instructions very well. This would qualify her for standard mobility. If I'd known about the criteria first I would have been much clearer in my form. Although I did actually say all of this on it!

2old2beamum Fri 13-Nov-15 21:39:32

DD Downs Syndrome was on middle rate care and low mobility has just been assessed for PIP. I was gobsmacked 3 weeks after sending forms off to receive a letter saying she has got high care and high mobility, so yes please appeal.

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