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Lindseyepps28 Wed 11-Nov-15 16:52:12

My ds is currently waiting for a dx (8 month waiting list) aged 9. At school today they visited a museum in London, the school has reported that he experience a panic attack (shortness of breath, sweaty hands and was unable to communicate) the school followed all the usual pre trip training, social story, watching YouTube video and the positive token reward system (tokens earned in exchange for a reward the next day) with full 1 to 1 support. He is normally fine with trips but lsa said that she is concerned she feel he is getting worse with dealing with social situations. The school will decide whether he will be allowed to attend any further trips due to h&s concerns. My questions is do anyone know where I can get some help from or suggest any strategy that may help also can the school refuse to take him on future trips. Thanks

imip Wed 11-Nov-15 18:28:52

Not sure if this helps, but I accompany dd7 on some school trips where she is particularly anxious. She is a good masked, but school trips have been the only time she shown how anxious she can be. I wanted her to still participate in the trip, she was fine with me there.

Lindseyepps28 Wed 11-Nov-15 20:09:28

I have offered to attend and have full dss clearance but school refuses to let me attend. This is because he as attachment issues and they feel that me attending trip would make this worse.

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