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Help with EHCP - last section

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Missanom Fri 06-Nov-15 22:06:22

A big ask but would anyone help me by reading my contribution of the last section of the EHCP. I will pm you if you don't mind. It's the part that states 'from what you have told us what are the most important things for us to include about your child'

My son is Year 11, in a special school with Aspergers. He has had a statement for many years but of course with the new EHCP I am asked to fill out the 'Our Story' part. I have written it with his new college setting in mind. I haven't attended college myself, just 6th form, and am not entirely sure with what the college can actually offer, so am a little unsure that my contribution is actually worthwhile. Also I don't know if I'm missing out on important relevant information that would normally go into this section, and actually only talking about small details. Of course you don't know my son personally so couldn't add anything specific to help him, but just general things to help a child with Aspergers in college would be immensely helpful. By the way I've explained briefly his difficulties in the previous sections.

I hope you don't mind me taking advantage of your educational expertise, but I'm currently filling out my sons EHCP, and wondered if any of you could offer me any information as to what a college could offer in terms of helping a child with Aspergers. I have asked the college but would appreciate any further advice.

GruntledOne Sat 07-Nov-15 17:43:50

Do you mean Section A? To be honest, you'd probably be better off getting someone like IPSEA or SOS SEN look at the whole EHCP, not just that section - it's really sections B and F that are important.

Ineedmorepatience Sun 08-Nov-15 09:14:03

I agree with gruntled go to ipsea or sossen for advice. I do know that you need to get everything in there that he is likely to need to help him through college, so if its lifeskills training in the future or now even or support with coursework/exams etc. It all needs to go in I just dont know how or where!

Anomia10 Sun 08-Nov-15 18:14:32

While I agree you should get IPSEA and SOS!SEN to look at the whole EHC plan, and Sections B and F are the most important; its still important to get the outcomes right - because if you don't have a particular outcome, then there is not likely to be a provision for it in F, and iirc, outcomes can't be appealed against?

I'd get all the SMART outcomes you want in Part A; the LA may ignore them, but at least you have tried. After all, if you want to argue for him to continue in education until he is 25 through the EHC plan, then there still need to be outcomes to be achieved. (For instance, if might be in your LA, that many young people with SEN leave school at 16, and only get 2 years funded in a FE college. As young people with SEN take longer to develop, you might want more than 2 years for him - the outcomes have to be framed to allow you to argue for more time in education. You could ask later, for more time in education, for a cooking course, which is a vital independence skill?)

As he is in Year 11, think about what you want him to achieve in adult life by way of - employment/meaningful activities, community participation, health, and independent living. Outcomes feed into those too - for instance, think about independent living skills, exercise for health, office skills or whatever he is likely to be heading towards in employment, what activities he might want to attend (and specify what social care he would need to enable him to attend, if relevant to him). I found outcomes were somewhat scarce in the assessment reports by the professionals, and what there were, were certainly not SMART. It was left to me and the LA to come up with most of the outcomes.

I went to another workshop by Ambitious About Autism recently, about the Care Act 2014. They recommended parents draw up a timetable of what support the young person (YP) needs to get through each day of the week, Monday to Sunday in term time; and another one for what the YP needs each day in a week of the school holidays or INSET days. This might be a bit OTT for someone with Aspergers, but this is just an example:

7 am 1:1 support for getting up, toileting, dressing and washing in the mornings
8 am 1:1 for getting breakfast, administering medication, getting ready for school, personal cleaning, help with shoes/coat
8.30 am 1:1 escort for taxi
9 am - 3.30 pm 2:1 or whatever support YP needs in school
3.30 pm 1:1 escort for taxi home
4 pm 1:1 for getting a snack after school
5 - 6.30 pm after school activities like Special needs drama - 1:1
7 pm 1:1 to supervise YP while someone else gets dinner
9 pm 1:1 to supervise showering, brushing teeth, getting ready for bed
10 pm 1:1 for bed routine
Sometimes waking nights - 1:1

You know better than Social Services just how much support he needs to get through all those tasks in daily life. Might as well analyse it now! It all sets the scene for what he might need, in FE college (especially if you have to think about specialist residential), and looking further into the future, supported living one day, by way of social care.

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