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Fish oils/DHA/ Vegepa - Radio 4 programme. Now confused!

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bicyclebell Thu 05-Nov-15 12:45:41

A while ago we visited a place called Tinsley House and were advised to give my son Vegepa capsules.

These are made up of concentrated EPA from fish.

Vegepa say that EPA is more important for our brains than DHA.

It is all too complicated for me and I'm hoping that somebody more knowledgeable will come along and read this ...

I've just listened to a short thing on Radio 4

Will this link work?

It is talking about the imbalance in our brains between Omega 6 and 3. Because of our current diets. And talks about DHA being important for our brains to work quickly and well. It links this to improvements in Dyslexia.

What is not mentioned is whether or which supplements are good.

I just want to check whether Vegepa is the right thing for my son to be taking for dyslexia.


Thank you.

Mrbrowncanmoo Thu 05-Nov-15 12:57:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

yakkiyakkiyogi Thu 05-Nov-15 13:00:14

Sorry I don't know anything at all about Vegepa but what I can contribute to this topic is the use of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I've been using it for my pre-verbal 3 year old DS with ASD and GDD and although its too soon to say but I have noticed positive effects. The effects may be tiny but as a mother I can see that he is paying attention more and more to our mini intensive interaction sessions and trying to copy my mouth movements. Plus its had a good effect on his chronic constipation too.

I was quite sceptical at first when another ASD mom had recommended this to me thinking its another one of those miracle cures or just because its being considered as the next "in" thing but being from a south east asian background, I do know the benefits of coconut oil and thought trying it out in appropriate quantities would do no harm as its all natural. I make his parathas with coconut oil and try to get at least a teaspoon or two in him otherwise too. I've found it to be a good butter substitute on my morning toast too ;)

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