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Tribunal for Aba - ed psych

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Rumaysa1 Sun 01-Nov-15 17:58:25


Need some advice and individual experiences,

I am appealing my sons EHCP to include Aba provision, I need an Ed Psychologist to assess and hopefully support the appeal.

I am still not 100% sure who to decide on, Peter Parkhouse or David Urani or Lisa Blakemore.

My Aba consultant has recommended David and feels we should get his support from his experience of working with him. I have been reading old threads and people have said they have lost at tribunal due to David OT supporting Aba.

What would be his reason for not supporting Aba? What are better or just as good alternatives for education?

My son is moderate to severe on the spectrum, non verbal, has SPD, possible learning difficulties. A professional recently said that he felt Aba was more suited to the more capable children as they would close the gap between themselves and their peers, whereas children with ASD and learning difficulties will make limited progress! I was heartbroken, now I'm so worried that some of these EPs may hold this opinion and if so there's no need to waste my money.

Any advice will be so helpful as I need to book an EP soon xxx

bodenbiscuit Sun 01-Nov-15 18:09:12

Whoever said that ABA is for HF children is talking rubbish - don't listen to them. My dd is very severely autistic - she had 7 years of ABA and although she's still very disabled ABA has given her skills she would never have had and improved her quality of life. How old is your ds? ABA was designed for hard to reach children.

As far as Ed Psychs go I would choose David Urani having hired him myself. It is true that he only recommends ABA if he believes it's the only thing for the child though. It's not an easy decision and I have known of parents who simply threw away reports because they didn't support what they felt their child required.

shazzarooney99 Sun 01-Nov-15 18:12:41

Im sure school are buying in David Urani for my son and the senco couldnt praise him highly enough, she said he is excellent.

AngelicaM Tue 03-Nov-15 13:11:48

Our ABA consultant has recommended David Uranini, we're not at the EHCP bit yet so can't be of any more help, have heard the same, that he'll only support ABA if he believes it's the best option, but maybe that's a good thing if he goes your way? It's a hard choice, I really trust my consultant though so I will probably approach him first when it's time .
Good luck x

GruntledOne Tue 03-Nov-15 14:53:45

I'd go with Lisa Blakemore-Brown if I were you. I've heard she's a better witness at hearings.

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