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Peer marking?

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HeadSrewedOn Sat 31-Oct-15 18:38:21

I have a DD in year 6. She is being investigated for dyslexia, so I hope it's ok to post here?

I went to her class end of half-term open afternoon, and got to see her books for the first time this year. DD has struggled with writing, and gets some support for this in class. She is about average academically, but her writing is noticeably scruffier, bigger, and much worse spelling- and punctuation-wise than most of her class.

In her literacy book, it was obvious that they are doing peer marking. On two pieces of work, her peers had written 'Bad spelling', and 'Lots of spelling mistakes' then written over DD's incorrect spellings in pen with the right spellings - about two/three per sentence, so whole pages were full of corrections.

I asked DD how she felt about that, and she said shrugged and said she didn't mind, but if it were me, i know I would feel bad about it.

Am I being too precious? Should a child who obviously has difficulties spelling have her worked marked by her friends like this? If she does in fact have dyslexia, will this mean they stop doign this and get her book only marked by a teacher/TA who can be a bit more sensitive?

NeedAScarfForMyGiraffe Sat 31-Oct-15 19:36:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HeadSrewedOn Sat 31-Oct-15 21:19:28

I am a bit hmm about peer marking in literacy I think. The teacher isn't the most approachable, so I will need to think about what I say.

I just think this is bad for DD's confidence really.

NeedAScarfForMyGiraffe Sat 31-Oct-15 21:52:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Smartiepants79 Sat 31-Oct-15 22:03:45

Well DOES it bother her? Or does she just see everyone else's work being marked in the same way? If so then I'd leave it alone for now and keep and eye on it.
Peers can be the harshest critics!
Is her work only being marked by other children or a mixture or teacher and peer marking?
Did you see other children's books? Were they covered in corrections also?

Meloncoley2 Sat 31-Oct-15 22:20:15

I agree with you OP, I struggle to see how your child can learn from this at all.

Ineedmorepumpkins Sat 31-Oct-15 23:22:34

Never mind the marking, Dd3 used to just look at the person sitting next to her in every lesson and see that their writing was neat, joined and legible! That was enough to grind away at her confidence!

Half way through yr 7 we managed to get her school to give her a laptop (which was promised at transition) and this did help.

I would be asking how the school are going to help your Dd before she loses her confidence.

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