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Possibly c p for 8 month old?

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Lanie11 Thu 29-Oct-15 16:54:47

I keep going around in my mind and going crazy with Google on hand. Key points.

She has reflux certainly possible acid reflux
She won't swallow a jot we began weaning however severe vomitting occurred she now refuses and keeps everything in the front of her mouth
She stiffens her legs when lifted up
He head does wobble at times she seems to be like a nodding dog
Sinetimes has spasms/jerks
Gets so excited she coos giggles and goes ridged like she can't contain herself
Won't sit unaided yet howeve will holding two fingers. Loves row row and will rock herself to the song
Coos grabs toys with both hands but favours one as she tires.

The doctors saying low muscle tone and we're awaiting a peads referral no idea how long it takes. We start baby yoga Tuesday and have an osteopath apt weds hopefully she can give me some ideas.

I'm half convinced this is due to her reflux it honestly is like she's scared to swallow/won't suck at all. Paranoid it's c p or sandifers. Her cord was around her neck three times although until about 4/5 mo she was progressing normally albeit as life in a sling or being carried due to having two others to chase and her reflux she would only sleep for 20/30 mins at a time every few hours.

By night she will go 7-7 and wake once at most twice bit of boob and back off again. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'm so worried about her she's my third but I've always been this anxious since she came out with an apgar of 1 but 8 within 10 minutes (5 at 5 I think it was I can't recall) but was told she should develop normally.

She seems to be regressing completely loves her snuggles and will happily spend all day having cuddles on my chest. Is she just laid back as they tell me she is. She's currently coping on boob milk only.

Sorry it's so long. I am a v oldie but have forgotten my log on email details but been here years!

madwomanbackintheattic Sun 01-Nov-15 04:51:04

My dc3 (dd2) has cp. There are some similarities, but some differences as well. She didn't sit unaided until 12 mos, crawled somewhere between 15/18 mos. she got a standing frame on her first birthday and used a walking frame until the summer after yr r. She was tube fed initially but struggled with thin liquids (she was essentially a nocturnal feeder for months as her tone was lower during the night - it was too high during the day for her to control swallowing and breathing) but thicker foods were somewhat easier. I managed to latch her once only. Her oromotor skills were shocking (she was three before anyone realised she had no lateral tongue movement).

She had physio from birth, and SLT from birth though (but was only officially DC with cp just before her second birthday - prior to that it was described as developmental delay, even though she was in receipt of high rate DLA from 6 mos). She spent 5 weeks in scbu at term after birth hypoxia.

Dd2 has always had some issues with muscle tone - initially it was high, now it is mostly low, she went through a long period of intention tightening (higher tone under effort which made it hard for her achieve tasks) and frankly getting her to use her right hand was something of a trial... Her official dx is athetoid cp, although she was officially spastic quad until she was four and I asked them to reconsider (it was getting embarrassing to turn up to appointments like limp spaghetti carting a spastic dx).

Anyhoo - she is 12 now. She has an IQ of 142, has won two gold medals in the last two weeks for her debate team (despite U.S. Being told she would be unlikely to talk) skis black runs (despite U.S. Being told she would be unlikely to walk), attends ballet classes, has FINALLY learned to swim, sort of, and is adamant that she is going on the school skating trip on Tuesday (this is tbc. It may well be a step too far). She is quite the most determined child I have ever met.

Enough about my fabulous child anyway grin but I just wanted to give you a quick perspective from my limited view. Dd2 has never regressed. She has spent bloody months and infuriating months not doing something that both physio, OT, SLT and I have been trying to get her to do (it was 6 mos before she smiled, for example) only to do it as soon as we give up and try to implement a work around.

Good luck with your paediatrician referral - the physio will be your very best friend for all matters muscle tone. Is it possible to get a physio referral in as well?

madwomanbackintheattic Sun 01-Nov-15 04:54:00

(with apols for random autocorrects, obv. It wasn't the entire country of the U.S. Involved anywhere along the line. Just us.)

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