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Epilim and sleep

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bignige Wed 28-Oct-15 20:39:33


My 11 year old son has cerebral palsy, autism, severe learning difficulties. He has been on epilim since aged 2 and has had many very long seizures.

Not having had any absences or seizures for 2 years, our consultant recommended we wean him off epilim - which we did - and he has not had any for around 2 months now.

However, we are having reall difficulties with his sleeping habits since he came off epilim. He used to sleep through the night until around 7am - now he wakes around 2am and 'bed hops', checks on his sister in her bedroom and after lots of coaxing may sleep for another hour or so - he is then up and will not go back to bed. It is driving us mad and we are shattered having to get up so early.

Anyone have a similar experience or any knowledge as to these issues could be caused by the withdrawal of epilim.

Desperate to find a solution. My partner is not well herself as she has stage 4 ovarian cancer so all in all the sleep issue is not good for any of us!!


zzzzz Wed 28-Oct-15 20:58:04

Talk to your Dr, but I think you are right. Dds sleep was a nightmare for a long time after coming off mess but we have been on cocktails so can't tell what caused what.

Upping fluids may tip the balance in your favour, bu as I said Dr will be very sympathetic. Historically I think paraldahyde would have been given. Perhaps a slow release melatonin would be an option now?

Nb I am a mum NOT medically trained so this is from our own muddled story and reading not knowledge iykwim.

If all else fails there is no reason not to pop him in front of a video 2-5am and get some sort of sleep yourselves.

Hang in there.

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