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DD and possible Dyspraxia how can I help please?

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BuffyTheSpikeLayer Wed 21-Oct-15 14:30:35


New to the board and new to Dyspraxia and what it means. As awful as it sounds it is not something I had ever considered for DD before. Was just looking for some advice really and somewhere to 'put it all out' as I think I've talked my DH and friends ears off these past few days.

After an excellent school year last year where she came on leaps and bounds with her rather strict (but lovely teacher, 5 weeks into the new term and her teachers (job share) this year believe DD who is 8 shows the classic signs of Dyspraxia.

They called us in to discuss her concentration which is terrible, she is easily distracted and forgetful. They say she is clumsy as getting dressed after swimming/p.e etc and socially awkward also her handwriting can be messy. She is great at spellings and reading, very creative, swims excellent and rides a bike. No problem with a knife and fork or eating, but struggle to open a crisp packet. At first we found it a bit of a shock as apart from the concentration and messy handwriting none of this was mentioned by her teacher last year.

However if I'm being honest and looking up about it all I would agree with most of those sentiments but have also always found reasons to excuse them if that makes sense? For instance she can do her buttons and her laces fine - she just hates to be rushed. She is easily distracted yes, she is like a whirlwind always wanting to move on to the next task. Her handwriting is fine although she is left handed, but if she rushes it (which she often does) it is very messy. Socially she is awkward but only at school and this has always been a bit of an issue because she is a real tomboy and always wanting to play with them rather than the girls, and it hasn't been a problem until now, at this age the boys are apparently finding her a 'a pain' (her words) and all the girls have kind of found their friendship groups and it's difficult to see where she 'fits'. No-one is unkind to her though, she goes into school with a smile and comes out with one. I think they find her hard work from what I've seen, they seem to get frustrated with her and vice versa.
However outside of school she has a great group of friendships with children in the village of all age and mixes fine - one thing I will say she doesn't mix with new children very well at first, she has to weigh them up for a long time.

To us they were just her quirks what made her..her and to find out actually its a condition (is that the right word) its called Dyspraxia has been hard to take in to be honest. because I'm thinking over the past 8 years about all the times I got frustrated with her for losing another cardigan or having a meltdown over being reminded again to wash her hands, and thinking I've been doing it wrong all this time, it's not her fault and hating myself for it.

We have another meeting tomorrow and I'm just wondering what to expect - I think they realised we were a it overwhelmed and maybe just want to go over things again. Have already messaged one lovely poster who replied with a helpful message about what the Dyspraxia testing is like and was wondering if anyone else could tell me what to expect?
Aso is there anything I can do to help at home? Already implemented changes to her morning routine i.e no rushing letting her go at her own pace, calming atmopsphere no ipad distractions etc despite her requests!
Also what causes Dyspraxia? I can't seem to find a definite answer, I certainly show many signs myself (can't ride a bike, catch a ball, terrible at maths, always dropping things - but then super organised and like routine - but then am wondering if I have programmed myself to be like this to cope IYSWIM?

That was a long post sorry! If you've made it thus far I appreciate it grin it felt good to get that out.

systemusername Wed 21-Oct-15 16:53:01

I will be back shortly to reply. Just marking place so i remember! Look for a group on Facebook 'Dyspraxia a friendly ear to listen' it is the best group. It is closed so you will need to reauest to join. They will keep you sane!
Dd can read very very well too. I will be back shortly.

systemusername Wed 21-Oct-15 16:55:36

And she also loves routine.

LIZS Wed 21-Oct-15 17:00:38

Look at the Dyspraxia Foundation website. It has a list of potential common traits and difficulties at key ages and also ideas to assist. It can be caused by a number of things , difficult birth is one, and it can coexist with other conditions such as dyslexia or asd. First port of call should be a referral to Occupational Therapy via gp or school who will assess the activities she has difficulties with in everyday life and make suggestions for activities and possibly equipment to help.

LIZS Wed 21-Oct-15 17:22:05

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