So let down by school

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frogsarejumpy Mon 19-Oct-15 16:25:02

ds has ADHD, diagnosed in the last year. School have not put much if any support in until diagnosis, then very little. No progress academically in the last school year. Concerns raised, they dismissed them as ds is doing averagely well, Despite no progress!
I am so angry, we only wanted an acknowledgement that they could have done more and improve from here.
Now I have to get more formal etc and just could so do without another battle, as if life isn't complicated enough!
Anyone got any experience of fighting school? I guess I just needed a rant!

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DolphinsPlayground Mon 19-Oct-15 16:28:45

Yep. All that above, in year three. We pulled him out mid year 4 and home ed. Apparently they were 'too busy' to do the simplest of things such as remind him to look at his prompt chart for what to being home. I got fed up of the fighting. It wasn't achieving anything and frankly, never would, as the schools and la close ranks. It would have been Time money stress all down the drain for no result whilst my ds continued to fall behind. So we opted out. We weren't going to do that or put ds through that. It sucks that you have to let them fail to get anywhere. They should be supported before they fail. sad

DolphinsPlayground Mon 19-Oct-15 16:29:50

Oh and I will add, we have in writing where they have broken the sen COP. And disability discrimination. But all I wanted was a happy child.

frogsarejumpy Mon 19-Oct-15 16:41:01

So frustrating isn't it? That sounds difficult for you. If ds was unhappy I would certainly remove him tomorrow, but he is happy, unaware and we can't afford to home ed as both work.
I just feel we are trapped.

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