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6 yr old says he hates himself

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PagesOfABook Mon 12-Oct-15 20:47:34

6 yr old DS (mild ASD) told his TA last week he hates himself and wants to die! It was in the middle of a tantrum when he was asked to stop doing something. He is generally quite happy in himself - I have never heard him say anything like this before so I was shocked as it seems so bad.

He told me he hates himself a little bit because the other boys are better at maths etc.

What am I meant to do about this? I tried to get him to talk and told him I love him and want to help him to be happy but I think I was annoying him as he was more concerned with getting back to his lego.

It's like he might have blurred out something serious without really meaning it - or else maybe he really is deeply unhappy sad

reader108 Mon 12-Oct-15 21:07:33

I've had the same discussion it's heart breaking.
I try and convince myself it's good he vocalises it doesn't feel it without saying anything. We focus on things he can do to build up his sense of self worth and self esteem. Sometimes he finds it really hard to think of anything bless him. Pick a different time try again, does he know his dx mines been happier since we talked about autism, he thinks it's his own unique super power.

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