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Personal budget

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vjg13 Fri 09-Oct-15 09:42:42

This should really be in the teens section but putting on here for traffic. My daughter has recently been assessed for moving over to adult social care when she is 18. We spent ages with the social worker going through the budget calculator form. She scored at a certain level and the social worker did say the figures would be looked at by her manager and could be altered slightly.

She has just been back in touch to say the score has been reduced by 13 points with a huge corresponding drop in weekly budget!

QueenStarlight Fri 09-Oct-15 13:47:11

Ask for the evidence used to justify this drop.

Yup..same happened here.
They they calculated DS2's financial contribution to be....(as post 18 you have to contribute out of their DLA/ESA and paying rent if at home doesn't count)

The same amount they were giving him in PB!!! (he only got allocated a small PB but even so). A total farce. I have told them as such and am in the process of returning what he has had so far as it's not worth it for the paperwork involved... of course it may be later we need to start the whole process again but for now I'd rather go it alone!

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