New BBC Two Series on technology and disability

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biglifefix Thu 08-Oct-15 17:41:35

Hi Everyone! My name is James - I'm an Assistant Producer at Studio Lambert, the BAFTA-winning television production company behind Gogglebox and Undercover Boss.

We are making an exciting and innovative new science series for BBC Two called Big Life Fix (working title). The programme is inspired by the recent raft of incredible, life-changing inventions that have gripped the nation, from 3D-printed prosthetic hands to robotic legs for those living with spinal injuries.

Across the series, our team of expert engineers and technologists will create bespoke inventions for individuals, families and groups to transform their lives for the better.
I wanted to do a post in this group to see if anyone would like the opportunity to get involved. We would like to speak to people who think they could benefit from the help of our expert team, or even people who would like to nominate a loved one. If selected, our team will work with them to tackle a problem or challenge in their life using ingenious design and technology; if you have an idea for an aid that would help you, we would love to hear from you!

If anybody is interested in being considered for the programme, or if they would like some more information, they can get in touch with the production team on: or 020 3040 6843.

Thanks very much guys,

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