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Next step in HFA diagnosis

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peppajay Sun 27-Sep-15 09:27:36

Hi my son is 7 and has suspected aspergers. We have seen the community paediatrician a few times over the last few years and she is 99% sure he has HFA but obviously she cannot diagnose. The next step in our health authority is referral to the child development centre at the town hospital. We have this appointment in December but as yet nobody has gone into school to assess him and the paediatrician didn't mention this would happen at all. I am just wondering what I need to expect happening at this appointment in December is it just lots of talking and getting history down etc or does he have more formal investigations and observations with different health proffesionals. After we have had this appointment do we get a diagnosis or do they get an ed physcologist into school? Just wondered what the stages are to full diagnosis. thanks

PolterGoose Sun 27-Sep-15 10:36:52

The processes vary hugely by area.

For ds it was:
- wait 6 months and see paed registrar and convince him that ds's needs assessing
- referred to SALT and seen fairly quickly, SALT sent questionnaire to school, school replied 'no issues'
- referred to OT, waited nearly a year, diagnosed SPD and referred on to physio as OT spotted hypermobility and tone issues
- seen by physio who diagnosed joint hypermobilty syndrome and hypotonia and referred on to orthotics for insoles
- ADOS arranged with consultant paed a few months after OT, consultant writes to school but school don't reply
- gets diagnosis

(Timescales a bit squiffy, was all a bit of a blur!)

Youarentkiddingme Sun 27-Sep-15 19:31:14


Saw Gp as had concerns for years and Ds hit rock bottom. Risk of exclusion from school. School say not educational issue as social and emotional.

Go referred to community leads who sent referral back to GP.
GP referred to Camhs who bounced referral back suggesting ed psych.

I rang Camhs and asked for a breakdown of their reason why they suggested EP when school have said they don't think EP and suggested GP for referral.

Camhs said email them concerns myself and they'd look again. (Inthinknthey we're going to refer to my points as reason why EP!)

However, Camhs read email and accepted referral and given 'choices' appointment in 2 months.

Attend appointment, put on asd waiting list. That took 22 months to get to top of.

Camhs suggested salt referral which school did.

School also referred to EP after a while due to ds other issues with writing etc.

Ds saw Camhs for ADOS and I did interview. Went to panel following week and given diagnosis.

We see OT next month.

Basically you can't tell what they'll do or when. But I would say have a list of your concerns and examples of behaviours. How they affect your DD, get education, the family etc. and stand firm! Good luck. flowers

Frusso Sun 27-Sep-15 19:41:53

GP straight to core diagnostics paediatrician, and due to a fuck up error, we saw a locum paed.
Then SaLT (in clinic)
Then waited around for about 8 months as Paeditrician referred out to Occupational therapist for an unrelated issue that bought up another vaguely related issue.
Then meeting with core diagnostics paed who overruled everything initial locum paed put and salt for diagnosis.

Pikachoomumma Fri 09-Oct-15 07:24:42

As I was saying on another post, I can count on one hand the number of good things I've heard about CAMHS and the NHS process! Apparently in come bits of the country it can take up to 6 years.

Luckily, if you can afford it, you can get a private diagnosis for about £800+. Even the quite famous doctors who will diagnose tend to only have waiting lists of 6-9 months maximum, in my experience. Others you can see in a fortnight.

Really hope you find something that works for you!!

Mrbrowncanmoo Fri 09-Oct-15 09:01:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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