I took my son to hospital this evening

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shazzarooney99 Sun 27-Sep-15 12:57:24

He did say hes going to talk to the peadatricians,so will see where we go from here.

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Ineedmorepatience Sun 27-Sep-15 11:44:27

Sad but true * Anomia*!

Anomia10 Sun 27-Sep-15 11:39:55

It sounds like more passing of the buck by CAMHS to me, because they are probably snowed under with children with ASD and anxiety, depression, etc! How will an ASD assessment deal with suicidal intentions? It may lead to assessment for an EHC plan, if he has not got one already, but that will take months - and I'm guessing some support in school, but not a cure for autism and the problems, he is experiencing.

I'd take him to A & E every time he is suicidal. When it costs the NHS, it will help to concentrate minds.

I was told off the record by a mental health professional, while DD2 was not getting any proper treatment, to write a letter of complaint, including all the incidents; the impact on you, DH and other children to the Chief Executive of the trust, responsible for CAMHS. Also, copy the letter to your GP, because CCGs commission the services nowadays.

They told me that it is an unfortunate fact, that the parents who shout the loudest, are more likely to get treatment for their children. DD2 did get the recommended treatment and she was told, it was because her suicidal attempts caused a lot of disruption to the public, the police, the NHS... - had she quietly taken overdoses at home, that wouldn't have bothered anybody else and she would not be getting treatment now!

shazzarooney99 Sun 27-Sep-15 11:22:39

Ineedmorepateince we have been to cahms they have said its not a mental health issue, he needs an Asd assesement. it just sucks.

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Ineedmorepatience Sun 27-Sep-15 09:48:07

It probably will mean that SS will make contact, they did when they were told my Dd3 was suicidal!

They havent done anything though, other than discuss a possible youth club for her to go to! But because I said she wont just go somewhere with strangers it has to go to panel to see if she can have a buddy!!

Good flamin job she wasnt actually suicidal !!

Sorry you are having to deal with this shit sad

I would go to the GP anyway and tell him that your son had to be taken to hospital to keep him safe! That maybe on the criteria for a camhs referral!!

shazzarooney99 Sun 27-Sep-15 00:05:52

Crazy isnt it? why on earth do you have to get to this point? and then when you do, why on earth do they want to blame you? yes of course i was stressed, i had a mammoth migraine because of all the stress, i wanted to belive the doctor but instead i will probably look like a mamoth arse!

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ouryve Sat 26-Sep-15 23:51:30

DS1. I do love him, no matter how much he makes me want to tear my hair out, sometimes!


ouryve Sat 26-Sep-15 23:50:45

It's such a common thing to happen. If ever we got to the point where we had to take S1 (because hell, he's had his moments) I'm not confident I'd want ot disclose his ASD/ADHD at the first hurdle. It seems to instantly put the blinkers on for so many HCPs.

shazzarooney99 Sat 26-Sep-15 23:38:41

Thanks thats just what i needed, a boot up the arse! he was to quick yo jump on that bandwaggon to be honest, considering he doesnt know me! i haddnt thought of it that way,so thanks. xxxx you have made some cracking points!

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ouryve Sat 26-Sep-15 23:22:04

It sounds more like "hmm, someone else's budget problem."

Why the hell are they suggesting that YOU go to GP for antidepressants when your DS is wanting to kill himself? Arseholes.

Next time, you don't think it, you ask "what do you expect me to be like when my x year old DS has been wanting to die and discussing achievable ways of doing it? Surely there would be something really wrong with me if I was chilled and unflappable, under the circumstances!"

You also don't get a medal for struggling in silence. It's just that you also don't make people have to do their jobs just yet, either.


shazzarooney99 Sat 26-Sep-15 23:16:28

I took him because once again he tried getting hold of knives to try and take his own life,we have been unable to access any services due to no diagnoses ect, so i thought its about time someone listened.

I took him to a&e and the nurse said is he on the spectrum i said yes,she said i could tell but i diddnt want to say incase he wasnt.

The doctor that was there that was privvy to the conversation id had with the nurse said he would either keep him in or get an emergency peadatrics appointment.

Then he said i can tell you highly strung, which i thought what the hell do you expect? he said go gp and get some anti depresants or councelling or both. Then said i have reffered you to socail services for respite.

Anyway son diddnt get kept in had calmed down by then.

But afterwards i thought does that mean he think i cant cope? does that mean socail services are involved b all and end all?

Maybe i shouldnt have gone, he did say you dont get a medal for admitting your struggling! or having counselling ect. but it just made me feel so bad.

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