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Do NHS diagnose Social communication disorder ?

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Missisdoyle Fri 25-Sep-15 13:45:47

We are in process of getting my ds assessed for asd. In June ds began seeing a private SALt, 1/2 times amonth. SALt assessed ds & concluded he has Social communication dis'. I believe this used to be called, Pragmatic language impairment. Apparently in US, a diagnosis of ASD, differs to SCD. Is that similar to UK ? & If he is diagnosed with SCD, will he be entitled to as much help as a child diagnosed with ASD ? Has anyone experience of this ? ALso, if any of you have a dc with scd, have you experienced a good improvement, after treatment/support ? Sorry for so many questions...

c4kedout Fri 25-Sep-15 16:01:23

ASD is a form of social.communication disorder and one does not exclude the other. I think the pragmatic language disorder falls under the ASD umbrella. Is there a paed involved to get a proper ASD assessment? I think this would be the next step.

Missisdoyle Mon 28-Sep-15 10:39:50

Hi ( sorry for delay), we have just had our first meeting with paed & are waiting for assessments from SALT (NHS) & OT, etc. I have a long questionnaire to fill in, as does his teacher & we return in January, to paed. I just wondered if SCD was diagnosed separately from ASD,as in America. I wondered if this would mean DS receiving less help / support.

mumsuzz Mon 28-Sep-15 11:28:46

Hi there.

My dd was diagnosed with SCD when she was 4 following the ADOS. I found very little additional help once we got that diagnosis (other than some not very good local authority SALT in school).

A year later she had a further ADOS and was diagnosed with ASD. This was much more helpful in that my LEA changed their minds about refusing to assess her and we eventually got her an ECHP.

Hope this helps.

Missisdoyle Tue 29-Sep-15 09:23:04

Thanks, Mumsuzz. I don't think they do ECHP's anymore. Since 2015, they have changed the system. How is your DD doing now ? Is she getting enough help ? My DS is 4.5 & his grammar, articulation is excellent, he has a good vocab, but cannot participate in a conversation. He uses quotes/segments from tv /books a lot, when he is anxious/ doesn't know what to say . He is v bright, but has real difficulty in interpreting people's behaviour. That is why we have sought help of a private SALT ( which is a financial drain, but worthwhile, we feel, while we wait for NHS help !!). Hoping your DD is prospering with enough support.

choc4ddict Tue 29-Sep-15 15:08:13

OP, statements are being phased out and are replaced with ECHPs.

Missisdoyle Tue 29-Sep-15 21:15:55

That's what I meant, but thanks for pointing that out. I'm still learning what all these terms mean !

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