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School refusing Sen support- bright UR 10 with ASD, struggles with organisations and exams

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Guilders15 Thu 24-Sep-15 07:02:39

DS has a diagnosis of ASD and at the start of UR 10. He was on the SEN register and school action in year 7 but was off listed ( with no discussion or communication with us ) last year ( year 9) ;having asked in July why we had not heard from the SENCO all year we wer told he does not meet the criteria for SEN support. The school say that this is because he is achieving very well academically, and they refer to the fact that he is on the gifted and talented register for several subjects. However, he has massive difficulties with organising himself, and also has difficulties with exams and working within time constraints; with stopping and starting tasks and with getting distracted by the slightest noise or on the Internet by topics that interest him ( rather than the homework he is supposed to be doing). He onlY answered about half the questions in end of year science and maths exams last year. We are concerned that he will not do as well as he could do in exams because of these Asd related difficulties. We are finding ourselves increasingly in conflict with school which is not ideal, but they are really not helping, and do not seem to be able to see beyond the fact that we should be proud because he is doing so well.

Is there any point trying to get them to recognise that he should have SEN support - and if so how? He is apparently above the thresholds on processing speed etc to have extra time in exams. Is there anything we could do ( private assessment ? ) to get them to revisit this in light of his struggles with timed work? or should we just try to focus on helping him at home.? He spends hours at a time in his room vaguely doing homework in an entirely unfocused way until he is right up against a deadline -it is hard to get him to go out or do anything else some weekends and we have cancelled family outings because he is stressing about having too much to do, all of which is causing great stress. I try to be constructive about encouraging him to organise his time but he just gets irritated ( being a teenager after all !)

Any advice greatly appreciated!

Guilders15 Thu 24-Sep-15 07:06:29

Oops, should read Year 10 not UR 10 !

Ineedmorepatience Thu 24-Sep-15 09:18:39

Not that this is any help, but lots of young people see to have been removed from SN registers since the changes to SEN law last yr!

This is so wrong and is leaving vulnerable young people without the support that they need!

What were his results like in his most recent assessments? Were they below where you would have expected them to be? If they were that is your starting point! What is the head of yr like? Is he/she any more approachable than the senco or could he/she be a good advocate for your son?

I also have an academically able autistic child, she was failed spectacularly by her secondary school and hasnt been to school since June!

If you get no joy and can afford an independent EP assessment, I would recommend that route as it gives you a clear picture of actual real skills and deficits!

Good luck flowers

Youarentkiddingme Thu 24-Sep-15 19:01:46

That's interesting because my ds has just started secondary having been school action as MLD then under SENDCOP new classifications as asd and SpLD. Secondary have removed SpLD after 2 weeks. Ds however is just like yours! He does have slow processing too though and it says it on his ep report!

He had daily literacy intervention, scribe and a lot of 1:1 support as well as reader and scribe and extra time in sats.

He's fine now though apparently!

Guilders15 Thu 24-Sep-15 22:27:39

Thanks Ineedmorepatience and Youarentkidding me - good in some ways to hear it is not just us! Thy only had exams in maths and science in year 9 and in both his results were lower than expected. I don't know the head of year - it's a huge school but maybe should try to make contact; have been put off the private EP route previously on basis that school not obliged to take any notice but thinking now it would be good to have some advice. N

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 25-Sep-15 08:22:52

I would be speaking to IPSEA in your particular case as well to get their counsel.

Its not up to the school to decide criteria as to who gets support, its the LEA. I feel your son is being failed by his school here because they are simply not meeting his needs.

I would seriously consider now applying for an EHCP from your LEA as well, that will shake things up a lot.

Youarentkiddingme Fri 25-Sep-15 22:00:16

I wish I could give you advice but having spoken to senco tonight and her being surprised ds hasn't had his laptop yet - as he IPA states he should and he's previously had a scribe etc they still don't class him as having specific learning difficulties. Whilst recognising he can't write, spell or organise himself!

Bloody minefield!

I agree ilsea would be good - they can tell you what weight a private ep report would have and if you can apply for extra time yourself.

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