Sensory Processing Issues - OT Recommendation

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EnchantedForest Sun 20-Sep-15 16:59:02

Can anyone recommend an OT with post graduate training in dealing with sensory processing issues, in the London or West Kent area?


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Notgivingin789 Sun 20-Sep-15 17:36:18

Melinda Silson.

Do you want an assessment done?

EnchantedForest Sun 20-Sep-15 22:42:09

Thanks. Had an assessment by another OT, which is incorrect. Need another assessment as a result.

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EnchantedForest Sun 20-Sep-15 22:52:21

Couldn't find contact details. Do you have details? Thanks.

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Notgivingin789 Mon 21-Sep-15 00:06:53

Private messaged you

mumsuzz Mon 21-Sep-15 10:17:31

Seconding Melinda Silson as a recommendation. I found her really thorough and great on the sensory processing stuff.

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