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Secondary schools to fit atypical Asd child

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Steinbod Fri 11-Sep-15 12:12:37

Hi mums,

I'm trying to find secondary school for my son who isn't typical Asd. Ridiculous idea which of them are! But DS seems to fall between stools for schools. He's currently in mainstream yr 6 with statement and is social, enthusiastic wants to join in. But cognitively behind doesn't really get abstract concepts and quite dyspraxic too.

Prob is special schools seem to be too 'autistic' ie focus on behaviour remove too much stimulation while mainstream and 'specific learning disability ones want high cog scores and he would struggle to keep up o even find right classroom without support. Any ideas? In NW London but will consider all options even maybe weekly boarding for the right loving supportive place.

Thanks for your wisdom and ideas.

QueenStarlight Fri 11-Sep-15 14:10:16

No such thing as typical when it comes to ASD tbh. I haven't found in my experience that SS focus all that much on behaviour, which is why I have moved my child out of SS and into a M/S just recently.

It might be worth looking at The Rise, Blossom House and also More House in Farnham. Secondaries with ASD units might work as he can stay in mainstream as much as he can cope with but access small group learning and be much more supported too.

There is the Priory and Cambian group schools too. Eagle House group is rated by some of my friends.

mumsuzz Fri 11-Sep-15 14:27:13

We have just started dd at Egerton Rothesay in Hertfordshire. Might be too far for you but I know they have very wide catchment area and buses from some London boroughs.

It is independent - geared towards children with additional needs. DD has a diagnosis of ASD, has an EHCP (so far assessed as lowish IQ) and is getting additional OT and social communication support. Very small class sizes. DD is in the junior section but it goes right up to sixth form.

Good luck with your search.

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