Fed up with trying to understand the system

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shazzarooney99 Thu 10-Sep-15 22:39:16

I dont get it! i really dont, so round in circles for around 5 and a half years,saw the audioloigist a year back and he bascially saying why chase a diagnoses? and today we saw him and he said 99.9% of my children that i see with your sons condition go hand in hand with the autistic spectrum!

Whats different now to what it was then? hes got the noise reduction hearing aids,now they are talking about others.

Even though my son shows hes coping in school hes not,we have had orld war 3 in here this evening.

Its written in my sons notes if his behaviours continue he will get a written diagnoses.

His teachers said he is on the spectrum.

We have an Ot report saying his behaviours show he has SPd.

And yet here we are still going round in circles because people go off sick, people leave or people dont fill the information in!!!!!!!

So bloody frustrated, i only want to do whats right by my son, is that to much to ask?

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uggerthebugger Fri 11-Sep-15 19:41:39

Hi shazza flowers first things first - what do you think your DS needs, what do you need the audiologist to do for him, and what other help do you need from professionals?

There are far, far too many audiologists out there playing amateur Ed Psych - and as a profession, they aren't well trained in how to communicate with kids and their parents. That means that some of them a) don't realise what their remit is, and b) don't know when to shut the fuck up and listen to what their patients are telling them.

shazzarooney99 Fri 11-Sep-15 21:50:55

I think what my son needs is a bloody diagnoses! if he got that then perhaps he and our family would get the help we need!

This evening i think hes sprained of broken my finger he stuck his hands under the grill when lit!!!! oh and threw a knife (blunt) at my other son!

But (from a proffesional point of view!) thats ok because im on top of it!!! haha fuckin ha! unbeilevable!

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2boysnamedR Sun 13-Sep-15 22:10:48

I hear you loud and clear.

You get to the point when you actually want to come off nhs books.

Not fit for purpose in this area in afraid

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