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Draft statement = where to begin

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Jamelly Thu 10-Sep-15 21:19:37

Hi guys some pointers would be brill, think we're running on empty here it's been a long couple of months to say the least,
I'll give a brief history first
DS has a diagnosis of ASD he is 4 in December, non verbal, no danger awareness, very very busy, sensory problems, currently is in private nursery for two days that we fund, and LEO fund 12 hrs one to one, he has full one to one for both days and has improved greatly with this, he had a placement in local obs unit in march this year but this broke down after 3 weeks, they clearly didn't have the experience to work with DS, there were concerns around H & S on their end, regressed with behaviours, no one to one, small setting, you get the pict,
We live in Wales so are still in statement mode
Right we have just received the first draft through and you never guess what they have recommended his school placement will be in the obs unit we withdrew him from 6 months ago (I got to be honest I didn't see that coming) we have 15 days to reply and quite honestly I don't know where to start, we want DS in a SEN school whith exp with ASD, with full one to one, there is nothing in the statement about how many hrs one to one he will get, some pointers or advice will be welcomed, sorry if it doesn't sound we've done much it is all in my head somewhere and we know what we want it's just going about it,
And the fight continues ;-) xx

2boysnamedR Thu 10-Sep-15 22:24:00

I'm appealing statement contents right now so here's my thoughts.

Any written correspondance you have about the obs unit breaking down? If so file that and reffer to it. If not can you email the obs unit? Say the la want him to go back, you need them to explain why it didn't work.if you can't get that just write it all down.
For your evidence to back up why he said get what you want - ds had no 1:1 in the unit. He was excluded on h&s grounds. He has 1:1 in his current setting. There are now no H&s concerns etc

Jamelly Fri 11-Sep-15 07:19:54

Thanks for reply 2boys
I was thinking the same unfortunately it was our decision to withdraw him, the obs unit did complete a form for 1-1 on health n safety I'm sure I have that here, I was thinking of contacting the school to get their thoughts ( they weren't much help before though so I won't hold my breath)
The statement officer is being rather laid back with it all, in her words we put our recommendation down and that is it they will change it to that, and that it will be finalised in a few weeks , ( I know that it is not that easy) I'll be giving snap Cymru a ring today for some advice,
One of the reasons we'll be giving is that he has a DX so why does he need to be observed, for what, he will also need a provision where the staff have exp/training and knowledge of ASD as last time I had to explain why he was mouthing, and he needs routine we don't want one move and then another few years down, next move to be his last,
Thanks again any advice welcomed
Feeling a little better after that sleep xx

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 11-Sep-15 07:43:06

Statements have to be both specified and quantified; this is clearly not so it is unlawful.

I would also be speaking to IPSEA as they should be able to further advise you as well.

Jamelly Sat 12-Sep-15 07:23:59

I have contacted snap Cymru who advised that they shouldn't of named a proposed school and that we need theb1-1 hrs stated on the statement, I will contact IPSEA today (if their open) then Monday morning we start again with the statmenting officer and ed psych,
We are happy for him to stay at nursery funded by us till sep 2016 (we plan to move area, need statement first) should we ask for nursery name to put down with 1-1 hrs with look to review in 6 months x

Ineedmorepatience Sat 12-Sep-15 08:25:10

That is right they shouldnt be naming a setting until the statement is finalised.

Also something that worried me although it could be different in wales is that if you move area the new area takes responsibility for the statement and can ask for reassessments to take place. I would check that with IPSEA too and maybe try to find out what the provision is like in the new area.

Good luck flowers

Jamelly Sat 12-Sep-15 09:14:09

I will check with IPSEA reg the move as its the main reason we are moving is for my DS to attend a special needs school in a neighbouring authority, we have queried about asking our LEA to name this school and we will fund transport however this school is very popular and tends to be filled with children in its own LEA or there are parents there like us who move there to get into that school, and my LEA are so skint they are cutting everything and have started with childrens education, we have to have statement first as we have been told by many parents and professionals that this particular LEA we want to move to does not give out statements even though its the law and they should you only get the odd few,
I really hope it can transfer with us as we thought you could take it with you, admittedly you may have to battle out what is in it,
I must like a battle or be raving mad one or the other, id go with the later saying that these battles are a pain in da nadgers
thanks for your replies guys really helpful


Ineedmorepatience Sat 12-Sep-15 11:06:27

It is ridiculous that we have to fight for everything for our kids, I am sure IPSEA will be able to advise you.

Keep going flowers

2boysnamedR Sat 12-Sep-15 20:43:04

Yes it's a major pita. I don't enjoy doing this, not one bit of it. However it's good way to channel all my frustration with my children's struggles into one area. Anger drives me on and I have plenty of that to spare

Jamelly Sun 13-Sep-15 08:54:35

thanks guys IPSEA it is on monday morning, followed by numerous other phone calls.

thanks again for your time and info

2boysnamedR Sun 13-Sep-15 12:54:42

If you can't get through then try their online booking site. Dates get released once a week so you might need to check twice a day for a week. Also calling in the evening can be less busy

Ineedmorepatience Sun 13-Sep-15 13:13:20

The online booking thing is great because you can pick a time that works for you for a call back! I struggle to use it on my phone or tablet though, works better with the laptop smile

Jamelly Mon 14-Sep-15 08:21:49

Thanks guys just booked a call back today,

Jamelly Mon 14-Sep-15 16:21:21

IPSEA were brilliant and very helpful, plan is to explain why obs unit is not the right placement and why his private nursery is, our intentions of funding it, and our future plans, this then goes to panel on Wednesday, I should say I've spoken statment officer who was honest and said there's concerns around funding I think they are worried if its on statment that were going to ask them to fund it, which were not we've paid for it up until now and have all intentions of carrying on doing so, if Wednesday panel fails it looks like tribunal (gulp) IPSEA feel that we have more than enough case to win and get funding for private nursery, I'm trying not to think past Thursday think I'll deal with that when it comes x

2boysnamedR Mon 14-Sep-15 17:48:12

Glad they could help. To give you a heads up from appealing to a hearing is around 4-6 months.

They can't force him into anywhere. My toddler went to LA panel for ASD preschool. And lots of oatents that also got a place turned it down. I am within my rights to send him to mainstream when he starts reception next year ( but quite frankly I would be doing him a massive disservice) but I could, it's my choice

Ineedmorepatience Mon 14-Sep-15 17:56:57

Glad you got through jamelly and found them helpful, good luck with the next step now smile

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