Word final dysfluency, what to do?

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Anna9513 Thu 10-Sep-15 18:51:55

Has anyone got any experience with this? Ds2 (just 8) has had this since he could talk, pretty much - I think I noticed it around the age of 3 and definitely by 5 as I'd saved a study on it in my bookmarks in 2012.

I was told when he was small that he would probably grow out of it but I didn't really believe the HV and sure enough he hasn't - and I like it, it doesn't bother me that he does it, but children at school are beginning to notice and have been giving him a hard time (which we are on top of now).

I'm not sure if he wants to change it. He is also on a loooong waiting list for assessment for ASD, I think he may have Asperger syndrome, and again was told by the HV when he was about 2 that there was nothing to worry about (he had several red flags - not pointing and so on).

I've been told to get referred to an SLT by his SENCO at his new school but I don't know how this works particularly as this dysfluency seems to be very common in children with an ASD and I don't know if he has one or not.

I'm also aware that it's an unusual pattern and worried that not many SLTs will have come across it or know what to do about it, if anything.

I am a bit out of my depth and so would really appreciate some input from people who know about this stuff.

Thank you for reading flowers

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Handywoman Thu 10-Sep-15 22:58:02

Can you afford private SLT? It's expensive but you get to pick a therapist with the right experience plus they could produce a report which could add weight to the ASD assessment.

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