Cheapest 3-4 yo bodysuits short and long sleeve please

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happyjustobeme Wed 09-Sep-15 13:08:39

The cheapest bodysuits I've been able to find, courtesy of a helpful poster, work out at ??14 each, even if you buy a few. I'm gobsmacked. I'm only after plain white, nothing coloured or special. Has anyone come across anything cheaper please? DS has ASD and severe speech and language delay, and we need bodysuits rather than normal vests.

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2boysnamedR Wed 09-Sep-15 16:34:31

My chunky tall 3.5 year old is in 2-3 mother care ones.

happyjustobeme Wed 09-Sep-15 21:15:52

Thanks very much I have ordered some of those.

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2boysnamedR Wed 09-Sep-15 22:12:32

Mother care come up big. My son is 2.6 stone so hopefully they will last you a while. Not sure about next size up as 2-3 seems to be the biggest high street size there is.

2boysnamedR Wed 09-Sep-15 22:16:03

Just had a thought. H&m do bodies they can come up big as well.

Look for discount codes - can normally find free shipping or a % off ( or both)

happyjustobeme Thu 10-Sep-15 10:06:58

Thanks, I have ordered the mothercare ones and hopefully they will last if i dont tumble dry them! My mum bought a three pack of short sleeve white bodysuits when she was in Spain last month, and she said they were normal price. They are a Turkish make though which I cannot buy here. I am amazed that there is such a premium on age 3-4, it's more than six times the price of 2-3!

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2boysnamedR Thu 10-Sep-15 10:10:48

Maybe we need to start making them! There was a poster on here who did that.
Maybe a few months back? Will see if I can find it

2boysnamedR Thu 10-Sep-15 11:52:31

Ok it's this one that caught my eye. Maybe pm - but it's not a regular poster so (I'm so paranoid!) be sensible

happyjustobeme Sat 12-Sep-15 20:16:49

Coming back to say thank you again for the mothercare recommendation. I collected them today, and they are plenty big enough. I just hope they dont shrink! They will be going nowhere near the tumble dryer. I also picked up some in m and s, as they do 2-3 too. The m and s ones are the same length, but narrower. I got some of those too, so I now have 21. Ahem.

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2boysnamedR Sat 12-Sep-15 20:31:45

Glad I could help wink mothercare stuff always tends to come up big and last well.

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