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Struggling with school already

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TheScrapMonster Tue 08-Sep-15 18:43:52

DS is 4 with a diagnosis of global developmental delay across the board but particularly in language and understanding where is is at he 18-24 months range and just started a mainstream primary. He had been attending a specialist nursery provision where the children were 50/ 50 special needs and NT. his nursery was wonderful , he thrived there and I felt they really understood him. He has now moved into a mainstream primary and already I am acutely noticing the differences between him and the average 4 year old . I'm lost with how included he can be here for example I have received a letter in his book bag today asking for an item for show and tell. His speech is extremely limited , he currently understands 2 word sentences very occasionally 3 words but that's a rarity. His speech is mostly not understandable , people who know him well can decipher and pick out words in the jargon but those who do not yet know him and other children cannot understand a word of what he is trying to say usually . He currently has a my plan plus set up by nursery and the school did make a great effort with his transition and attended nursery to meet him and the my plan meetings . I guess I'm a little lost with all this , is his school supposed to be directing us or are we supposed to just send him in with an object where very probably he will not have a clue what he is expected to do with it and certainly will not be able to "tell " anything about it !! Obviously I want him as included as possible with all the class activities but I'm no teacher ... I just muddle through with him day to day . I have picked up on the show and tell as this is the first letter home in the week and already I'm thinking ok this isn't going to work for him , I'm sure there will be many things like this so I need to know what's expected of me to ensure he gets the best chance possible .

Xena1985 Tue 08-Sep-15 20:10:29

Defos agreeing with u and I could have written this post myself! My son has recently been diagnosed, the atmosphere at nursery was like a big family atmosphere. He started reception yesterday and so far he's really enjoying it separated easily etc but I was looking at the show and tell tasks too and was wondering!!
I am sure they prompt and help them if we practise at home?

blaeberry Wed 09-Sep-15 10:28:41

Hi, what SALT support is he getting? Is he getting any 1 to 1 support? Have you met the SENCO? With the degree of needs he has, I would ask for a EHCP (you can apply yourself if the school won't). You may have to spend the next little while gathering evidence and fighting for proper support. To this end, put all your communication with the school in writing (email is good) and keep note of conversations.

For now, I would ask the school if they would use a home-school communication book. You need to know a little of what he has done each day to be able to talk to him about school. I write in it if my ds has any problems with homework, and what he did at the weekend (for their news time). If they have a show and tell, I would write in the book, the teacher could then asked ds easy questions about the item for him to 'tell'. The book also gives me a place to write any concerns. (I scan it every so often in case the decide to 'keep' it, especially near the end or the book or term).

Xena1985 Wed 09-Sep-15 10:42:45

@blaeberry what kind of SALT support do special needs children without an ehc plan get at school? Any ideas? Also is one to one offered without an ehc plan? It's all seems down to the school if they want to help I feel if there is no ehc plan..

blaeberry Wed 09-Sep-15 11:30:32

I'm not the best person to ask about EHCP as I am in Scotland and we don't have them (I had to fight for something similar called a coordinated support plan). For proper advice you would do well to go to the helplines of IPSEA or SOSSEN. However, your child is entitled to an adequate education (think it might even need to be a 'good' education now) and to do so they must be able to access the curriculum they are being taught. A child in MS with severe speech language and communication needs, even without anything else, would not be able to do this without SALT, some sort of assisted communication, some 1 to 1 and a differentiated curriculum. So really the school don't have a choice and should go for an EHCP to get the extra funding to help them provide this. In reality, without a plan a school may try to get away with inadequate support.

My ds attends a language unit so gets a lot of direct SALT (from a qualified therapist) both one to one and in groups, indirect SALT provided by TA and teachers and has a specialist teacher who teachers him literacy and numeracy (he is in MS for topic work, PE etc but gets some support in this too). He also gets OT in school. Several children at my dd MS school also get direct one to one SALT in school, one-to-one and small group support (and OT, Physio etc according to need). The school is good but it is not quite as utopian as this may read.

blaeberry Wed 09-Sep-15 11:58:25

TheScrapMonster, MyPlan rang a bell so I checked back and you might find the link interesting.... [[ ]]

blaeberry Wed 09-Sep-15 11:59:21

Oops try again

Xena1985 Thu 10-Sep-15 10:55:15

Thanks for the clarification, that really makes sense! @blaeberry

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