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AS 7 year old reverted to a 3 yr old

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peppajay Sun 06-Sep-15 22:45:05

My son is 7 and has aspergers (undiagnosed as yet but going thru the process!). There are weeks and weeks of NT behaviour and I think maybe I am wrong and then we are back to weeks and weeks of anxcietes , social problems, talking in peculiar voices, massive meltdowns etc. Obviously with school going back and new classes and routines this was to be expected but within a week it is like he was reverted to a toddler. He has decided he is now 3 and not 7 he talks with a silly squeaky toddler voice has been watching numtums and teletubbies today and generally behaving like a baby. He is always been socially immature for his age. All the boys in his class are football and minecraft obsessed but he still loves Peppa Pig. He has friends but they are all girls and especially the younger children, he played at lunchtimes last year with the reception children and this year as he is has gone up to KS2 he won't be playing with the KS1 children at playtimes anymore so he is a bit upset. Is this a typical behaviour in ASD/AS children as I have never seen this in him before. He is so clever and bright and quirky he has a real quick wit about him and is a joy to be around but it really is odd seeing him behave like this and all the quirks and wit has gone - and has been replaced by a 3 year old!!!

OneInEight Mon 07-Sep-15 07:55:22

I was convinced ds1 had a neurodegenerative condition at one stage as he appeared to be regressing so much at age 9/10 to the extent where he seemed to be losing all ability to have a conversation and communicated via grunting. However, as soon as the major stressors were removed (in his case school) he returned to his lovely, quirky self. We still have the odd phase where when he is stressed and he will be unable to communicate the problem but usually quite short-lived.

To be honest I still enjoy reading books from my childhood may just have a Malory Towers book open and I think there is an escapism and reassurance there. I expect it is something similar with your ds enjoying the young children's TV programmes there are simple, they are not challenging and they are familiar and when you are stressed that is what you need.

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