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Feeling lonely because of DS's SN

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HoursTurnIntoDays Sun 06-Sep-15 09:23:22

Feel so lonely and isolated

DS doesn't seem to making friends at school - he is 6. He plays by himself a lot

We can't go to any sports classes as he acts up

I have to watch him carefully if he's playing with children on the road as I know he's not 'normal' and I'm worried about them teasing him


People say just learn to accept it.
It's not easy - how can I just accept DS having no friends, struggling in school - who knows how this will affect him in the future. It's not what I want for him or me and I think I will be sad forever

LIZS Sun 06-Sep-15 09:28:35

Does he have any diagnosed SN? Maybe team sports aren't for him but something more solitary like swimming, climbing etc could be more appropriate. Have you tried groups such as Beavers? He might be better playing one on one, do you have friends with children you can meet.

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