Places that offer a Ride Access Pass like Legoland

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MellowMarshmallow Thu 03-Sep-15 14:43:15

Yesterday we had a lovely day at Legoland. We were able to use the Ride Access Pass service as ds1 (10) has Aspergers - he understands queuing but can't tolerate being around lots of people in a confined space, so on a previous visit to the park we kept bailing out of queues as he was overwhelmed / freaking out.

I've had a look at the other Tussaud's attractions like Thorpe Park and Chessington as I was hoping they would offer a similar service, but the terms and conditions read as if only the disabled person and one carer would be able to bypass the queue, but at Legoland all 4 of us could ride together.

Also luckily we didn't get asked for photo ID yesterday but have just seen that we should've been. What do you use. He doesn't have a passport as the idea of taking him abroad is laughable.

Austism Anglia do an Autism Alert card but that doesn't include a photograph. So what do you use?

As always any help gratefully received. Thanks.

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Ineedmorepatience Thu 03-Sep-15 15:59:47

I dont know about Thorpe park and chessington but at Alton Towers which is also Merlin 3 other people can accompany the disabled person and its the same at Drayton Manor in the midlands.

As for photo Id I have never been asked for it but we did have Merlin passes last yr and they had Dd3's photo on them, she had a pass and a carer goes free pass both with her picture on so any adult could go as her carer which was great.

MellowMarshmallow Thu 03-Sep-15 16:17:02

Thank you. Maybe I should email the group and see if the policy is the same across - sounds like it might be if the rules are the same at Alton Towers.

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Ineedmorepatience Thu 03-Sep-15 17:22:43

Good idea smile

uggerthebugger Thu 03-Sep-15 19:01:41

If you're ever in south-west Wales, Oakwood offer a Ride Access Pass system that's similar to Legoland.

And for a theme park with some big rides, Oakwood is nicely light on sensory stimulation - plenty of quiet green spaces to wind down in.

MellowMarshmallow Fri 04-Sep-15 11:33:37

Thanks uggerthebugger - plenty of places to sit and chill will make the day much easier.

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