When did your DC with SN play with their siblings?

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deadwitchproject Sun 30-Aug-15 13:06:32

I have twin boys age 2.7 both of whom have asd.

For the last year or so my DT1 has been desperate to play/interact with his twin but my DT2 is not interested. Every time DT1 sits next to him, picks up a toy next to the toys he's playing with, or picks up a book and goes to stand/sit next to his brother, my DT2 will take his things and walk away. He will turn his back on him when he sits next to him. He will cry out until I pick DT1 up and move him away.

My DT1 is such a loving boy (they both are) and there is no one in the world he wants to be with more than his own twin brother. It's so heart breaking to watch sad

Has anyone else experienced this with siblings? Does it get better?

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Stradbroke Tue 01-Sep-15 08:06:18

Hi there. My DD is 6 and has just been diagnosed with autism but it has been obvious since an early age that she has developmental issues. I also have a son who is 9.
Their interaction (or lack of) is one of the aspects of DD's autism I have found the hardest to deal with, especially when I see DS playing with other children DD's age and see what could have been. DS can also get upset about his sister and the fact that they don't play together.
But things are getting better. I don't think they will ever have the usual sibling bond, but they are getting closer. They choose to sleep in the same room even though they have separate bedrooms and they are spending more time together. They make each other laugh and play fight together.
It is not the usual bond as I said, but it is there and it is slowly developing, they have just needed to find their own way and find the areas that they can play together and spend time together.

deadwitchproject Tue 01-Sep-15 18:28:01

Thanks Stradbroke it's encouraging that your DC are getting closer, really lovely to hear (and for you to watch I imagine). Fingers crossed my two will get there too.

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happyjustobeme Wed 02-Sep-15 11:52:20

My 3.4 yo DS2 has autism. I also have a 7 yo DS1. DS2 now plays chase, tickling games, a bit of peek a boo and hide and seek with his brother. He watches DS1 all the time now, and is definitely learning from him. It has been something that I've noticed over the last month or so. It has been so upsetting so see DS1 absolutely desperate to play with his little brother, as his friends do with their siblings, and for DS2 not to want to, or know how to.

I understand.

Stradbroke Wed 02-Sep-15 11:57:20

It is really upsetting isn't it? One of the hardest things about having a DC with ASD I think (for me anyway).

But if do read something that said that as adults the positives of having a sibling with autism outweighed the negatives. For example the siblings grow up very empathetic and don't view it as a negative. I will try and find it.

deadwitchproject Thu 03-Sep-15 14:18:53

That would be great, thanks Stradbroke

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