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Childcare in Ireland for child with SPD and signs of Autism

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anothernumberone Mon 17-Aug-15 21:11:49

I am sorry if this is very specific query but I am fairly new to this in some ways. Also I am sorry if this is long and I am rambling. I am starting down the road of getting an assessment of needs (in Ireland) for my 3 year 9 month old son as it has become more and more apparent that he is developing in a different way to his peers. Anyway we were not particularly surprised when the first port of call with a SALT threw up possible issues of a sensory nature as his sister has dyslexia and suspected SPD. However he is presenting with completely different issues to hers (more or less dyspraxia). Toilet training is not happening, he recently started getting even more mildly aggressive hitting and pinching (he was a biter but he seems to have improved a lot on that front) and spitting. He does not engage in much social communication and he squeals and claps hands a lot. He is also a complete joker and a total and utter barrel of laughs and an utter hug monster which I have to keep reminding myself through all this stress. He is also extremely verbal but only in the knowing vocabulary sense not actually using it for conversation.

Unfortunately we have backed ourselves into a bit of a corner with him and I am struggling to see some answers. My husband and I work full time although I do not work during school holidays. He was due to start preschool this year (15 free hours in ECCE) and we were going to leave him at school for another two hours to be collected by our au pair when she collected our older daughter from school. Obviously we were not really aware of any obvious developmental issues when we decided on this course of childcare.

However when we tried him in school it was obvious it was not going to work and now that he has disimproved behaviour wise and the school recommended the assessment of needs I am not sure what to do.

Financially we both need to work however we need to find a set up that can deal with the issues we are facing. That may require part time from one of us. Our parents can and do help from time to time but they are not able to look after him full time due to health issues. I suppose I just need to know how and if others have managed especially if both are working.

anothernumberone Mon 17-Aug-15 21:24:41

I should have said he had an amazing childminder up until now but she now has no space for him as he was meant to be at preschool confused.

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