INPP Chester - is it effective?

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smilingmum1 Sun 16-Aug-15 20:06:11

Hi I work with children with reading, writing, organisation or behavior difficulties. I am currently considering training as an INPP practitioner to help children with Retained Reflexes.
My question: is INPP helpful and effective?
I would very much like to hear from parents who have used the program - any feedback positive or negative will be appreciated. Also what does your Occupational Therapist say to the program or the idea of Retained Reflex Iintegration Therapy in general? does it contrradict with the other therapies? Thanks

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Katclo Sun 26-Jun-16 23:16:29

Hi, I followed the DORE program with my son for 18 months and did see improvement. Would like to do everything I can for him, can anyone tell what's the difference with DORE and INPP? Also, interested in brushing

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